Monday’s Dump & Chase: Another Day Ending in Y

I guess the days of the week <strong>kind of</strong> matter.

Bob Gaudet: The Decision to Retire; Reflecting on the Past; Possible Future : College Hockey News

After 32 years behind the bench Bob Gaudet recently retired from being head coach of Dartmouth.

College Hockey Playing In 2020-21 May Take A Lot of Creativity : College Hockey News

Imagining a different future.

Illinois ‘still in very active conversations’ about adding NCAA hockey sooner than later | College Hockey |

Calling Vanderbilt...

The biggest culprit of “school that should have D1 hockey but doesn’t” is still Northwestern. So many AAA clubs in the Chicago/Milwaukee area, the success of the Blackhawks. How is there not D1 hockey in Chicago?

‘Knowledge and creativity’ the only training limitations for goalies in pandemic |

It’s definitely harder for goalies to simulate facing shots in isolation than it is for other players to get game-ready.

Report: NHL, NHLPA form committee to discuss potential return to play |

With the NHL’s 2019-20 season currently paused due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the league and the NHLPA have reportedly formed a committee to plan out an eventual return to play.