Monday’s Dump & Chase: Bad Start

I was going to try to construct some kind of ACME Corporation joke, but it was going to be too convoluted.

Game 1 Recap: Nashville Predators 3, Arizona Coyotes 4: Road Kill | On the Forecheck
In case you missed the game, look on the bright side, so did the Predators. Shaun has your recap, and we'll have a more detailed breakdown from Ann and Nick two hours from now.

Why NHL can still do more on social-justice issues |
"Here’s hoping that by the time Lord Stanley’s Cup is handed out, the NHL has caught up to and maybe even surpassed the level of awareness and empathy being shown by the other sports leagues it’s currently competing with. The sport’s future depends on it."

Matt Dumba on kneeling for U.S. anthem, speaking out against racism | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I'm glad to hear that he's gotten support from some of his teammates--I hope that they continue to support him.

Blue Jackets stun Maple Leafs with Game 1 shutout | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
There are Leafs fans I hope have a nice day--and I think the NHL would be in a better place if Kyle Dubas, branded a nerd, had some success to show--but there are also plenty of Leafs fans I, uh, think maybe need to log off of Twitter sometimes. All of which is to say: a joyful congratulations to Joonas Korpisalo on his first postseason shutout!

Dirty or not, Flames' Matthew Tkachuk thrives when spotlight is on him | there a question about this? Is there actually a question?

Jets' Patrik Laine, Mark Scheifele do not participate in practice |
Very much less than ideal for Scheifele and Laine, for the Jets, and for everyone who wants to see Tkachuk on a golf course instead of a hockey rink ASAP.

...indoor golf, I guess. They make golf video games or something, right?

Hedman could play in round-robin opener for Lightning |
Steven Stamkos, meanwhile, will not. The man just has no luck.

The Takeaway: A slight reprieve from uncertainty | The Ice Garden
St. Thomas's women's hockey program is jumping directly from DIII to DI--best of luck to them as they join the depleted WCHA.

Kadri buzzer beat helps Avalanche beat Blues in round-robin play | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Must be nice to be on the right side of one of those.

Blackhawks' Caggiula suspended one game for illegal hit on Ennis |
So if one playoff game in a best-of-seven series is equal to N regular-season games, what is the regular-season equivalence of one playoff game in a best-of-five series? 1.4N? Did I do that math right?

Flyers beat Bruins in NHL round-robin game | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I was going to make a joke about “hey, remember when that one Boston sports writer said that the Bruins losing in the 2019 Stanley Cup Final was ‘apocalyptic’?” and then I looked out my metaphorical window. Question: would 2020 look different if the Bruins had won the Cup? Discuss.