Monday’s Dump & Chase: Capital Controversy

Todd Reirden is out after two seasons serving as head coach of the Washington Capitals.

Alaska-Anchorage Dropping Hockey Program

Gutted. I remember seeing them playing the Wisconsin Badgers as a child back when both teams were part of the WCHA. It’s been a sad week for college hockey.

COVID Impact on NCAA [hockey] Rules

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA has adjusted several rules that could impact current and prospective student-athletes. In regards to hockey, there have been changes that may open doors for student-athletes to play in other amateur competitions, with those under 21 years old being able to do so without burning a year of eligibility. This means that, if the college season is cancelled, some younger players could sign with CHL teams.

Arizona State blueliner Maniscalco leaves after two seasons, signs NHL contract with Penguins

...or they may just sign with pro teams in the hope that the AHL and ECHL will not be cancelled.

Capitals fire coach Todd Reirden after second consecutive first-round exit

Some pundits have floated Peter Laviolette as a potential replacement. For non-NHL hires, I complied a list of three NCAA coaches who deserve to make the jump up to the NHL:

Who would you like to see coach the Washington Capitals?