Monday’s Dump & Chase: Disconnected

No, the Preds aren’t disconnected, just I am.

Author’s Forewarning

Hey everyone. It’s me, Bobby. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve spoken. How are you today? Celebrating two wins after a relaxing weekend?

I won’t lie, I’ve missed both games so far this season. Thursday back in Milwaukee, I was offered a job with a quick start date in Columbus. I found an apartment, and there was a great rate if I moved in in two days. It’s awesome and, for any readers who have been to a Blue Jackets game in Columbus, R Bar and Nationwide Arena are both five steps away from my apartment. But, from frantic packing to waking up at 4am Saturday to beat the snow-filled weather system to still not having internet (shoutout to my mobile hotspot getting this article done), I only honestly checked last night’s game an hour ago, so 8:40pm ET.

So, from all accounts, it’s not the Preds that are disconnected, as is the article’s title. It’s me. Therefore, the links are a little light, but I’ll still do my best to shove college hockey down your throats against your will. You’re welcome.


College Hockey News

Great Goal Alert

I’m wrong so many times with my predictions, so I have to hammer home the ones I nail. In our college hockey preview, I picked Bowling Green to win the WCHA, and I’m still feeling pretty darn good about that choice.

Roundup: Notre Dame Sweeps No. 1 Minnesota | College Hockey News
Minnesota is one of those teams that’s good by nature of having a lot of upperclassmen who are more matured physically than younger teams with hot prospects, so it makes sense that some other teams are catching up with them as those younger talents are progressing and learning their new teams’ systems. In other news, Michigan is relevant for the first time in a decade.

Hockey East announces more changes in men’s, women’s teams’ schedules for Jan. 15-17 | College Hockey -
What’s really bizarre is that Hockey East still hasn’t announced their playoff format for this season.

Nashville Predators News

The OTF Podcast Presents: The Week Ahead - Week 2 | On the Forecheck
Hey! Some of us here do a podcast! Go listen to it.

Nashville Predators 5, Columbus Blue Jackets 2: Recap: The Juuse is Loose | On the Forecheck
In case your weekend was half as busy as mine, here’s Saturday’s recap.

Around Hockey

Decision on Belarus hockey worlds near amid sponsor pressure |
Whoa. It’s an article that’s both hockey and educational!