Monday's Dump & Chase: Don't You Do This, David

At this rate David Poile is going to offer Forsberg a happy meal for his new deal, and then look confused when Filip wants to keep the toy.

Arbitrary Arbitration Awfulness

Nashville Predators RFA Colin Wilson request $4.25M in arbitration | ProHockeyTalk

GRAB YOUR TORCHFORKS....oh, really that's not that unreasonable at all.

Around the World of Hockey

Columbus Blue Jackets must prove their worthy of big spending ways | ProHockeyTalk

Maybe they should make the playoffs first.

Leo Roth: Brian Gionta remains a happy camper _ USA Today

If I was a Buffalo veteran I would be too.

Hurricanes have jobs open, but who will fill them? | News & Observer

...So you're saying they need cheepish veterans to fill out their roster. *checks numbers* Hey Ron, can you call David?

Alex Chiasson gets $1.2 million deal from arbitrator | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

WOW. THE Alex Chiasson?

Raccoon chaos in Mets’ weight room: ‘It was a little baby’ | New York Post

This somehow seemed important.

Calgary Flames ink Paul Byron to one-year deal | Hockey | Sports | Ottawa Sun

Advanced stats reveal the deal is one year in length and will end at that point.

Comparing fitness freak Duncan Keith to your average gym bro | The Hockey News

Would love to see that conversation.

Nephew Surprised By How Much Bigger Aunt Has Gotten Since Last Year - The Onion

This is for everyone who can't understand why I'm no longer 3 after all these years.

Josh Smith Claims $6.9 Million Salary with Clippers Will Be 'Harder' on Family | Bleacher Report

You gotta love the NBA. Imagine dealing with the hardship that is Roman Josi's salary.