Monday's Dump & Chase: Happy Festivus, Preds Fans!

It's that special time of year again…I know, it sneaks up on me every year, too. And in keeping with the rich tradition of the holiday, we'll begin with an Airing of Grievances. I think I've made mine pretty clear this year, but what about you? Let it all out…we've got to get through

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Seth Jones on eye injury: 'I am pretty lucky' | The Tennessean

Good. It's probably much easier to play with both your eyeballs intact.

VIDEO: Craig Smith Post-Game Comments-Predlines

LOL to almost every player interview ever. I realize they have to be done, but seriously…"We've got to outscore the other team"…thanks, Craig. BTW, I love Craig Smith…there's just no upside for him to say anything interesting here.

Getting In The Christmas Spirit | Admirals Roundtable

Check out what some of the guys will be up to over the break...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Sharks’ Vlasic: Patrick Roy ‘coaches like he played’ | ProHockeyTalk

Well, he hasn't punched anybody yet, so I guess he's toned things down at least a little.

NH's top 13 wackiest weirdest moments of 2013 -

Our most handsome player checks in at #4!

Martin Jones and the rise of the backup goalies - The Globe and Mail

Hey! We've got TWO backup goalies! I'm super excited now!

Video: AHL referee wears helmet camera | Puck Drunk Love

These things always make want to go out and buy a GoPro…then I realize it would be basically useless here on the couch.

Are NHL Goalies Overprotected by Referees?-The Hockey Writers

Yeah, probably.

What We Learned: Injuries tell us plenty about NHL teams’ failings | Puck Daddy

It's certainly why we're not that good, right? Right?

Glen Sather desperately seeking partners - Sporting News…check it out, homie.