Monday's Dump & Chase: Hello, Philadelphia!

Philadelphia…the home of cheesesteaks, brotherly love, and the 2014 NHL draft. Time to start getting ready, folks. The Preds are heading towards another top-10 pick (they're currently tied for 7th worst in points, not factoring tie-breakers), so we might as well get to know some of the options.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators lose momentum after two goals taken away | The Tennessean

Yeah, maybe.

Dubnyk hopes to be over ‘the weirdness’ when he returns to Edmonton in March-Edmonton Journal

I think we're all hoping for that.

IceHogs Comeback to Hurt Ads in OT | Admirals Roundtable

Our old friend Marek Mazanec started his third game in three days. #Grit

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Jets down ‘Hawks, improve to 6-1 under Maurice -

But they made a coaching change! Those never work...

Brodeur OK with being pulled, blasts ‘worst ice’ he’s ever played on | ProHockeyTalk

Hey, take it easy on the guy…you try and play goalie in this league at the age of 60 and see if you can do any better.

College game ends in complete chaos: players fighting, coaches going nuts (Video) | Puck Daddy

It's like they caught some kind of rage virus.

TradeCentre: Sunday's reports from around the NHL-TSN

Is Buffalo gonna move Ryan Miller?

NHL got something right with Stadium Series | New York Post

The right number of games? More than one, but less than six.

The NHL's Iron Men

The 500 Consecutive Games Club…very exclusive.

Struggling Little League Hockey Player Gets Some Help From A Friendly Ref-Buzzfeed

The first decent thing done by a ref in the history of the game.

The 25 Greatest Sports Movie Villains -

Featuring some of the baddest villains ever, like "The Self-Destructive Nature of Man" and "Cancer".