Monday's Dump & Chase: It's Early, Right?

It's still too early to call this season, right? Right?

Breaking news: the Nashville Predators are injured. The are also not playing very well.

The season is about to reach the halfway mark. The Preds have 41 points in 40 games. According to SportsClubStats, the Preds have about a 50% chance of making the playoffs. At the current pace, the Preds would finish with between 85-90 points. In Preds franchise history, the team has never finished at the 90 point mark or below and made the playoffs. And with injuries piling up, the vagueness of the Predators front office about most of them does not give most fans hope for the future.

The AP exam of this season is fast approaching and, unless something changes soon, the Preds are doomed to flunk.

Nashville Predators News

Predators fall to Blackhawks 5-2
Seen this headline about a million times, only maybe with slightly different numbers.

Other Hockey News

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Senators gonna make playoffs now?

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I like Sebastian Aho. Let's trade for him.

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Stop with this "miss the good ole days of hockey" stuff. The 70's were a terrible decade for hockey for anyone not a fan of the Canadiens or Flyers. Today's league, while it has its problems, is a much better product on ice and for so many more markets. A couple dozen solid hockey markets get to watch quality hockey as opposed to like three.