Monday’s Dump & Chase: Long Island University?

The LIU Sharks join the ranks of Men’s Division 1 ice hockey before the likes of Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and countless other schools that could easily do it.

For LIU, Will This Really Work? : College Hockey News

Hey, did you hear Long Island University was adding a men’s Division I hockey team? Yeah? Because very few heard anything about it before Friday...

Minnesota Duluth associate coach Herter leaves Bulldogs for ‘new opportunities in the game of hockey’ | College Hockey |

Herter will have a head coaching job with his pedigree in no time.

NCAA support of sponsors paying athletes is a huge step | Sports Illustrated

I’m really conflicted over this, and the issues surrounding paying players are significantly deeper and more complex than just saying “pay them” or “they get paid with a degree.” Even on things such as likeness here, big schools such as the Ohio States of the world are bound to profit because, well, their kids are going to be on TV more, thus their likeness is going to be worth more at a large school as opposed to a smaller school.

In the collegiate hockey world, likeness rights are going to be worth significantly more in Hockey East and Big Ten schools. The NCHC teams will still have no problem recruiting, but there’s already a massive gap between those three conferences and the rest of college hockey. The best WCHA, Atlantic Hockey, and ECAC teams are going to be at an even further disadvantage. Additionally, because this isn’t an issue of the schools paying players—rather players earning more money individually from maximizing their image by playing in a big school or in a big conference—a salary cap to create balance doesn’t provide any balancing solution either.

I’m not advocating one way or the other; everyone knows I can play devil’s advocate with anyone for hours. It’s probably why I’m not invited to parties. The NCAA rules and regulations are flawed, imperfect, and changing them can solve one problem while creating two more.

NHL faces big week with talks on early draft, potential game ‘hubs’ |

I’m still for North Dakota being a hub. The Great One himself said the University of North Dakota has the best non-NHL rink in North America.

Former Montreal Canadiens player Georges Laraque describes COVID-19 battle |

A couple of weeks ago, former Montreal Canadiens tough guy Georges Laraque was running five or six days a week as he trained for a marathon. Now, the former NHL enforcer’s biggest challenge is trying to breathe clearly as he fights COVID-19 from a hospital on Montreal’s South Shore.