Monday's Dump & Chase: Memphis Is Cool and Tolerates Hockey Well

I had a chance to get away to Memphis over the weekend, and convinced a Huey's bar to turn on the hockey game. No one complained. That's a win. Memphis a very good sports town, especially with basketball. But if the Tigers or Grizz or Ole Miss (who have a good program these days) aren't

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Singer Carrie Underwood trolls Predators' Johansen over a kiss (of a stick) | FOX Sports
Love it. Hooray for notoriety.

Predators mailbag: What should be done at goaltender? | Tennessean
I'm glad you people like Adam.

Mazanec and the Ads Shutout Iowa; Win 2-0 | Admirals Roundtable
For all the love Juuse Saros is getting, and all of it is warranted, Marek Mazanec is worthy of more attention for his season as well.

Other Hockey News & Notes

Minnesota Wild GM: Losing streak was coach Mike Yeo's downfall | ESPN
"Starting with the New Jersey game the next night, things have just fallen apart for us..."

Marian Hossa's injury will test Blackhawks' depth as deadline looms -
Chicago called up Vincent Hinostroza, who isn't a mechanic from Joliet.

Canadiens' situation even bleaker than it appears -
They're toast. Let's enjoy the ride.

Trade Talk: Leafs could target Tavares down the line - Article - TSN
"Brooks speculates New York Islanders star John Tavares, who could be frustrated with the situation in Brooklyn, could sign with the Leafs in 2018 when his contract is up."
Folks, imagine if the Jaguars were "targeting" every single Florida native free agent. That's on par with the media speculating all these players going to Toronto.

Leafs have remote chance of landing Stamkos - Article - TSN
Chris Link said it best: Why would Stamkos leave a contender to go somewhere he won't be able to win for a while? Toronto will have some forward lines, no doubt. But they'll be the Oilers of the east with bigger paychecks.

Outdoor game rumors: Jets host Oilers, Red Wings at Maple Leafs – ProHockeyTalk
I wonder if tickets will be half off for us Americans? Too soon?

Patrice Bergeron Misses Practice After Fight, Questionable For Bruins Vs. Wild | Boston Bruins |
This is a couple days old, but Bergeron has missed the last two games.

Wild's mess rests with GM Fletcher -
As it should. Fletcher decided to go all-in with a lineup fulla free agents on the wings and kids at center... oh and Devan Dubnyk.

Kuzma: Burrows denies report he’s willing to waive no-trade clause | TheProvince
We've always heard "you would love to have that guy on YOUR team" regarding Burrows. Hard to believe with this guy.

Dallas Stars: Heika: What the Stars can learn from Happy Gilmore to get better on the ice | SportsDay
The Stars need to learn how to putt? I got it right? YES.

Not Hockey

Driver Admits To Possessing Drugs, 'Snapchatting And Instagramming' During Police Chase | Jalopnik
Do Texas media outlets have police chase departments?

Kanye West Says He's $53 Million in 'Personal Debt' | Jezebel
Vince Young thinks that's impressive.

NBA All-Star Game 2016 halftime show: Sting did some songs and such -
The crowd was extremely hype, as you'd expect.

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