Monday's Dump & Chase: Pounding the Table

“When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither is on you side, pound the table.” That's an old saying among lawyers. If you can't improve your team and ditch a player that's past his prime, you repackage him to your fans.

Burrows goes from buyout candidate to leadership role | The Province
This is an example of why bad teams are bad. The Canucks aren't winning anything this year, or the next year, or likely the year after. And no one wanted Burrows, so Vancouver is stuck with this guy. Chances are that Canucks fans, who are among the smarter fanbases, know this. 2016-17 might be a fun one to watch, if you enjoy poor old Vancouver shuffle through another mediocre season.

2015-16 Top Games Countdown: No. 4 - Nashville Predators - Features
This was a fun game to attend, with plenty of "money quotes" in the postgame. The spontaneous standing ovation games were always fun, and Ryan Johansen enjoyed himself.

Coyotes Sign Schenn to Two-Year Contract - Arizona Coyotes - News
Not sure where your care level is, but it's fun to see teams like Arizona and Florida taking large steps forward.

Blues GM: We may take ‘half a step back,’ while young veterans grow into leadership roles – ProHockeyTalk
Interesting quote from a GM.

Report: Leafs close to signing G Enroth - Article - TSN
There are worse options.

Report: Islanders in talks to build new arena in Nassau -
"One day after a report surfaced that suggested the New York Islanders were considering a move out of Brooklyn to Queens, NY, another report says the team is in talks to head back to Nassau."

NHL referee makes the cut at RBC Canadian Open |
28 years old, scratch golfer, and professional major league official. Impressive.

Rio Olympics Athletes' Village Declared "Uninhabitable" | Deadspin
Do we have a cavalier attitude regarding the Olympics and other international events? Yes. Why? If the World Cup needed to be hosted in a month's notice, Texas could handle it.