Monday’s Dump & Chase: Return of the Rem

Rem Pitlick signed a one-year deal yesterday to remain part of the Predators’ organization.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators Sign Rem Pitlick to 1-Year, 2-Way Contract | On The Forecheck

Rem remains a reasonable regular roundabouts (drat, out of r-words that work) up in Milwaukee.

Around College Hockey

Las Vegas Lands FF Bid: One of 4 Sites Announced for 2023-26 | CHN

Oh yeah, I’m sure none of these college athletes are going to get into compliance-related issues after they win a Natty in Vegas. Zero chance. What could possibly go wrong...

NCHC season to be played in two parts, will begin Dec. 1 in Omaha ‘pod,’ continue in January at NCHC rinks |

We’ve evolved from the “bubble” to the “pod,” folks. Next thing you know, someone’s going to start calling your average offensive defenseman a “rover” or something.

Half-dozen Yale hockey players test positive for COVID-19, all school sports shut down until Oct. 21 at earliest |

Or maybe we just punt on this season? How many teams have had confirmed outbreaks? Wisconsin, Yale; there must be others that simply haven’t announced it.

NCAA will allow winter-sport athletes to receive an extra season of eligibility | Washington Post

So, look, it has to suck to be a college hockey player right now. If you’re elite, you’re missing out on either showing off to earn more in free agency or not getting a chance to develop as a high draft pick. If you’re good, you probably missed out on NHL development camps over the summer and your chances to go pro are hurting. If you’re bad, your extra year of eligibility doesn’t mean much because the likelihood of you being replaced that fifth year of college by a young upstart player with potential is very high.

Yes, I don’t think we should have college sports right now, but my heart absolutely goes out to college athletes because this all is a massive lose-lose situation. They should be out on the ice enjoying some of the best years of their lives, not having to worry about a pandemic derailing their health and future.

Around Hockey

Jets find themselves at crossroads over Patrik Laine’s future | Sportsnet

Jets trying to pull a page out of the Predators’ playbook and give up on a young winger too early? (echoes “Keeevinnn Fiaaaalaaaa”).

Joe Thornton got advice from Joe Montana about leaving Bay Area | ESPN

That’s HC Davos Eishockeygött Joe Thornton to you, ESPN.