Monday’s Dump & Chase: Rivalry Night

Tonight the Predators host some team they beat in three different playoff series last decade.

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Holding the Key - College Hockey News

While it’s a great article about University of Michigan goaltender Erik Portillo, all I could think about was getting a Portillo’s chopped salad around Chicago while reading this.

Rankings roundup: How the top 20 NCAA hockey teams fared, Nov. 18-21 - College Hockey |

Here is a rundown of how the top 20 teams in the Division I Men’s Poll of November 15 fared in games over the weekend of Nov. 18-21.

NCAA Division I Women’s Hockey: CHA will have a sixth team competing in 2023-24, says Commissioner DeGregorio - College Hockey |

More news in Women’s collegiate puck!

How USA Hockey legend Cammi Granato is blazing a new trail in Seattle -

Beware: this article features someone who, albeit has a very interesting story, is a Coldplay fan (and her fandom is mentioned as early as the second paragraph. Come on, no album after A Rush of Blood to the Head was that good).

Brayden Point upper-body injury out indefinitely Tampa Bay Lightning -

What’s the over/under of him going on LTIR until the Lightning’s first playoff game?

Anaheim Ducks’ Max Comtois out 6 weeks after right hand surgery -

Relevant for tonight.