Monday’s Dump & Chase: Same Old

We anxiously await more updates on the NHL’s phase 2

Corbett Steps Aside With No Hard Feelings

The former University of Alabama-Huntsville coach provides some reasons for his resignation.

NCAA ice hockey rules committee proposes 3-on-3 overtime, shootout for conference games, in-season tournaments

As the honorary leader of the American Chapter of the No Fun in Hockey Club, this is disappointing. Forty guys just beat the ever-living snot out of each other for 60 minutes. Just call it a tie; don’t create pseudo-hockey scenarios to decide a game.

Ex-Albany Academy hockey head coach Riley gets set to start LIU program from scratch

Two years ago, he was the head coach for the inaugural season of the Wilkes University men’s hockey team, an NCAA Division III squad in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

GTHL releases details on penalties called for discriminatory slurs

I’m honestly shocked that they actually have the records of five gross misconducts relating to racist slurs. I can near guarantee that the U.S. youth state associations have no records. Maybe high school associations do, but I highly doubt WAHA here in Wisconsin does.

White NHL players finding their ‘long overdue’ voice on racism

On one hand, it feels kind of like they’re thinking “well, guess I have to say something” and it’s way too late to actually mean anything.

On the other hand, NHL’ers are the worst interviewees of any professional sport. The fact that they’re saying something other than “We gotta get pucks deep,” “The better team won,” or—a Shea Weber favorite—“obviously,” could be a big step.