Monday's Dump & Chase: The Create-A-Player

We've all done it. If you have every tried to create a player on any video game, your probably have created a large player who is stupid fast, and has excellent aim and motor skills (no matter the sport). And when you play as this player, you find that he/she is able to accomplish things that ot

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators' Weekly Player Grades - Average All Around - TSS
Average is accurate.

Predators mailbag: Can Jimmy Vesey make instant impact? | Tennessean
And he also ruminates on how we should all hope the Stars win the division and draw the Preds in the first round.

Other NHL Stuff

Coach's challenge to be discussed at NHL GMs meetings | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Biggest takeaway- the Salary Cap could go up $3 million.

TSN Hockey's Top 10 Storylines of the Week - Article - TSN
This is one of the weekly must-read columns, and with good reason. If Drouin is going to climb back into the lineup in Tampa, that's a game-changer for that franchise. If nothing else, he's a more valuable trade piece with some postseason experience under his belt. And there may be an opening for him on the roster now...

Nikita Kucherov hurt, NHL to review Prout sucker punch -
If it's Ohio vs. The World, Tampa Bay is a fine example of The World. The World won the game. And Dalton Prout will be suspended. No doubt. Silly Ohio.

Lightning shut out Blue Jackets | and The Tampa Tribune
Read more about the Lightning and their conquest of Mordor.

Red Wings expect Kronwall (knee) to miss 1-3 weeks – ProHockeyTalk
It's hard to jump into hits with a bad knee.

Lucic: 'Hatred' between LA Kings, Sharks, Ducks great hockey | CSN Bay Area
Surprise! Milan Lucic enjoys hate.

Heika: What do Stars do at goalie with Niemi slumping, Lehtonen surging? Ruff: 'It's been trial and error, to tell you the truth' | SportsDay
Awesome. Two of the three teams that could win the central may have goalie controversies going into the playoffs. Then you have the Wild, who are unsure about Dubnyk. This is grand.

Wild's Coyle having breakout season with help of 'Dr. Shot' -
Dr. Shot = not Adam Oates.

Dominic Moore, Kevin Hayes benched as Rangers scapegoats | New York Post
Because no NYC area team is complete without a good scapegoat. The Rangers? They have two.

A Candidate for the World's Worst Twitter Account

That Chicago History account had a rough day.

Not Hockey

Richard Simmons May or May Not Be Currently Held Hostage by His Maid | Jezebel
You can't make this up.