Monday's Dump & Chase: Underdog

Team Europe! Huzzah! (Sorry Team Sweden. Come home soon Ekholm and Forsberg!)

Predators News

Preds Training Camp Day Four: Scrimmage Time
It's just a scrimmage, but it's still Predators hockey. And preseason starts tomorrow.

Also, this happened:

Hockey News

Europe to face Canada at World Cup final - Article - TSN
This is the ultimate underdog fan rooting situation here. Likeable guys like Halak, Kopitar, Draisaitl, and Josi go against guys like Crosby, Perry, Getzlaf, and Crawford. Don't worry about how it turns out. Just enjoy that it's going to happen.

MacArthur suffers concussion in practice - Article - TSN
First, the injury to MacArthur, who missed nearly the entire 2015-16 season to a concussion, could be devastating for him as player. But two, the ensuing scuffle between Bobby Ryan et al aimed at Patrick Sieloff was quite ugly. Talk about making a first impression.

Marc-Andre Fleury ready to 'start from scratch'
Right. The great rags-to-riches story of former #1 overall pick and $35 million Stanley Cup winning goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and his return to glory. Be still my heart.

Bruins’ Vatrano out three months with torn ligaments | The Hockey News
Stinks about the injury, but the Bruins were counting on Vatrano to replace Loui Eriksson?

Jiri Hudler getting attention with Stars
Please, please, please don't make the Predators regret not signing you this summer, Jiri.

THN's 2016-17 NHL season preview: Minnesota Wild | The Hockey News
Wow. A surprisingly condemnatory preview for the Wild here. 6th in the Central? Are they sure they weren't thinking of the Blues?

Maple Leafs like what they're seeing from Marner | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun
"People think you need size and you need weight to win one-on-one battles, but Mitch is very good at body position," Laich said.

"WTF, can we stop this already, I don't play for you guys anymore." -Phil Kessel, probably

Is coaching sucking the life out of the game? | The Hockey News
Let me get this straight. Improved efficiency and progressive thinking among today's coaches is ruining the game? Because Gretzky? Seriously, what the heck did I just read.

Other News

Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident |
I'm sure you heard about this yesterday. Unbelievably tragic. One of the most talented young pitchers in the game. So sorry for the Florida Marlins and the extended MLB family.