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Monday’s Dump & Chase: We’re out of hockey

Penguins overcome early-season turmoil to hoist Stanley Cup | USAToday
And Kevin Allen loves writing about folks overcoming adversity.

Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh Penguins wins first Conn Smythe trophy | ESPN
Why not Phil for this?

Phil Kessel can finally say he’s a Stanley Cup champion | SI.com
He’s the most mistreated great player we’ve seen.

Stanley Cup montage: Rise Up – Sportsnet.ca
Let’s all just soak this in. These montages are the best in the biz.

Have Sharks lost the underachiever label? – TSN
Nah. But that’s a great question. Did they overachieve this year? Yes. Have they underachieved for the better part of a decade and a half? YES.

‘We thought we had the team,’ says Sharks’ Thornton – ProHockeyTalk
We can all resume feeling bad for Joe Thornton.

Penguins players are placing their adorable babies on top of the Stanley Cup – SBNation.com

Drew Remenda’s Stanley Cup Diary – San Jose Mercury News
Pittsburgh took away the space San Jose commanded through much of the playoffs. Drew saw it, I saw it, you saw it.

Not Hockey

Draymond Green suspended for hitting LeBron James in the groin – SBNation.com
Imagine the Preds trying to win a playoff game with Mike Fisher suspended. That’s what the Warriors are facing tonight. The NBA playoffs are like the best primetime drama season finale… it’s just a long ol’ season that no one cares about until April.

And finally, to add some perspective to your Monday: Louisville was up by 3 in the bottom of the ninth, trying to close out a super regional and get back to the College World Series. Bases are loaded with one out, and all they need is a ground ball to end the game. Except…


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