Monday's Dump & Chase: Will Pekka Start Tuesday? I Hope So.

We know he's not the savior this year. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, as the saying goes. But if he's ready, and there's no reason to believe he isn't, then he should be the starter tomorrow night. He certainly shouldn't play every game down the stretch, but h

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Legwand has one, too.

The Vent: The Olympic effect on NHL teams pursuing the Stanley Cup | Puck Daddy

I'm against sending NHL players because IF I WERE A FAN OF A PLAYOFF TEAM, I'd be concerned about injury or fatigue from my key guys. But if this Olympics ends up hurting oh, I don't know, Chicago, I'd be ok with it. Just this once.

Torts admits ‘Lui’s pissed’ about sitting out Heritage Classic | ProHockeyTalk

He had to make the decision that would give his team the best chance to win (they lost).

Ryan Miller Could Lead Blues to First Cup-The Hockey Writers

You get your first chance to boo him this week.

Shoalts: Carlyle likes defensive game, but knows how to adapt - The Globe and Mail


Dallas Stars Continue to Struggle When Posting 40 or More Shots - Defending Big D

Maybe when they get to 39, they should just skate around in circles the rest of the game. I should be a head coach.

Gallagher: It’s time for Mike Gillis to let go of the playoff dream-The Province

Welcome to the toilet, Canucks fans.

It’s time to shoot the shootout in the NHL | Post-to-Post

As a fan of a team that is pretty dang awful at the #Skills competition, sign me up.

How A Hockey Fight Goes From Routine To Scary In One Punch-Deadspin

Gotta lay it all on the line for that late season Flames-Oilers matchup.

If the 2014 Oscar Nominees for "Best Picture" Were About Sports - SportsPickle

Ok, that's not bad.