Monday's Dump & Chase: Having to follow that

Needless to say, the All-Star Weekend is a tough act to follow. Heck, we now have to go back to our lives like it didn't happen. But it did.


For all the love P.K. Subban gets, there was someone else that was built for this type of event. If anyone else not named John Scott won over the crowd, it was Brent Burns. It was Burns that had the most fun on media day. Burns was the guy trying on boots, asking about hot chicken, and surprising our friend Beka while trying on his gear.

So it should be no surprise that Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski masterminded a play to get John Scott on the board, right? And Burns & Pavelski had the adorable breakaway idea? Nope, no surprises here. The only real surprise is that the team in San Jose has a roster that's stocked with franchise-level players like Thornton, Couture, Marleau... but losing ground to other contenders in the west. Maybe it's my regional bias, but both Pavelski and Burns seemed to be having way more fun compared to the rest of the players in town, to the point it seemed out of character for Sharks players. Maybe there is something to that.

I like Joe Thornton, but Burns and Pavelski both won me over this weekend. Credit to both of them for showing some love to a former teammate of theirs who had the job of watching their backs.

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When the fanbase does something dumb, I'll make note of it and be honest about it. But this weekend was excellent in nearly every single way, largely due to the vocal and visual support that you all provided. The "MVP" chants were awesome, as well as the cheering of Scott and the booing of Kane. Well done.

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