The Top 20 Most-Googled NHL Players

Which NHL players have drawn the most interest from web searchers over the last 12 months? The answer can be found thanks to a post by Andrew Powell-Morse over at, as he's assembled U.S. search data on an athlete-by-athlete basis for each of the major sports, breaking down the results by league, team, the player's position, etc.

One surprising result? Your Nashville Predators rank 13th among NHL teams, right behind Detroit but ahead of Edmonton, but not for the reason you think (newspaper columnists in Phialdelphia searching for "Shea Weber trade rumors").

Just check out the list of the 20 most-searched-for players in the NHL:

Top 20 Most-Googled NHL Players

Rank Player Team
1 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
2 Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks
3 T.J. Oshie St. Louis Blues
4 Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks
5 Jaromir Jagr New Jersey Devils
6 Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins
7 Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars
8 Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers
9 Zdeno Chara Boston Bruins
10 Jarome Iginla Boston Bruins
11 Carey Price Montreal Canadiens
12 P.K. Subban Montreal Canadiens
13 Mike Fisher Nashville Predators
14 Phil Kessel Toronto Maple Leafs
15 Milan Lucic Boston Bruins
16 Patrick Sharp Chicago Blackhawks
17 Pavel Datsyuk Detroit Red Wings
18 Dustin Brown Los Angeles Kings
19 Dion Phaneuf Toronto Maple Leafs
20 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals

So... I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Mike Fisher's famous spouse has something to do with his standing on this list, I know that whenever the opportunity arises to name-drop Carrie Underwood in a post, search traffic gets a considerable bump. But Mike Fisher's not the only surprising name here.

How about T.J. Oshie, riding his Olympic shootout prowess to increased visibility around the nation, or Alex Ovechkin, once among the game's brightest stars but showing up here at #20?

What else jumps out to you here? Sound off in the comments below...