Nashville, Meet P.K. Subban

Once you explore the city, take pictures with fans, and sing a little Johnny Cash at Tootsie's what else is there to do? Oh yeah, meet the media.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. P.K. Subban is making the most of his.

Less than 24 hours after his journey through downtown Nashville, which included performing Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues at Tootsie’s, Subban was introduced to the Nashville media on Monday.

"There’s no question I’m excited about this opportunity to play here in Nashville," Subban said. "I'm excited about our team, excited about the city, most importantly I’m excited about the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup."

Subban’s exit from Montreal was highly debated as his personality was often viewed as being too flamboyant. He is frequently described as the antithesis of the man he was traded for, former Predators’ captain Shea Weber.

"I’m not looking to be Shea Weber, because I can’t be," Subban said. "We’re different players but we’ve had a tremendous amount of success and accomplishments in this league.

I’m a high energy person. I really have a zest for life, I guess you could say. Coming here I feel right at home. There is no question this is a city I’m going to embrace as home."

Adjusting to a new city, new team, and new coaches is not something Subban fears but embraces. He is not here to draw attention to himself but to help the Predators go where they have never been - the Stanley Cup Final.

"For me right now its about coming in, meeting all my teammates, getting used to being in this new city, getting accustomed to new systems, and what my role is going to be on this team," the 27-year-old said. "Coming here is not a popularity contest. Coming here is about helping this team win and win a championship. That’s what I’m here to do and I want to do my part."

Already boasting standout defensemen such as Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis, and Mattias Ekholm, Subban now provides the Predators with a younger, more mobile defense that is expected to be ranked as one of the very best in the NHL.

"The first thing I want to do is talk with our coaching staff and talk about what my role is going to be," Subban said. "I’m not one to project. I want to listen first and get all the information and whatever role I’m in I want to excel at my role."

Subban has made it clear he has one mission in Nashville and that is to bring home a Stanley Cup.

"We’ll take it one day at a time," Subban said. "It’s a marathon it’s not a sprint, there’s a process to winning a Stanley Cup. That’s everybody’s goal. I’m just saying what everybody else wants."

Known for his larger-than-life personality, Subban has garnered a reputation as a talker. Now that he has landed in Nashville, he plans on doing more listening and less talking.

"One thing I am sure of is I plan on doing a lot of listening," Subban said. "I always have an open mind just to getting better. When you have the coaching staff that I’m going to have now I don’t think you’re doing yourself any help by not listening.

"I think I’d rather do more listening than talking and soak it all in and just try to use that the best way I can on the ice."