Nashville Predators 1, New York Islanders 2 : OT does the Preds in, again

We clinched, so now what?

Now that the Preds have clinched, the question was how would they approach the final three games? Well, for the returning Miika Salomaki, this is probably a tune up for the playoffs. Any excuse to let Brad Hunt play is okay in my book!

The first period was relatively boring. There were some scoring chances here and there, but the Preds appeared to be just going through the motions, while the Islanders looked a little lost without John Tavares.

This has been a surprisingly defensive battle, and I’m not even mad. So far, Salomaki has looked good and McLeod hasn’t done anything stupid, yet. Colin Wilson skates in and goes hard to Halak’s right side, buying enough time to find the captain crashing in, and he buries one to give the Preds a 1-0 lead.

The Islanders knot it up 1-1, and we’re not even two minutes into the third period. Both teams now are turning on the jets, trying to score. Speaking of the Jets, they are beating the Blues, which really helps the Preds. Nobody can muster any more goals and this one is headed to overtime.

Everyone just shut your eyes, it'll be over shortly. As soon as I type that the Islanders slam one home and this one is over.

Random Observations

  • Miika Salomaki is back too! It’s like Christmas
  • Three minutes into the game and Miika lays a big hit, man I have missed this kid
  • Both goalies look pretty good tonight
  • Oh man what a pass by Wilson! And it’s not even the playoffs
  • Filip Forsberg can do filthy, filthy things with a hockey puck
  • That was a bad goal. That ends Pekka’s scoreless period streak
  • Overtime, lovely/

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Night

  1. Pekka Rinne - I don't put this loss on him, he played terrific. He saved 28 of 30 shots, he just didn't get any goal support tonight.
  2. Mike Fisher - the captain now has 18 goals, only two away from his seventh 20-goal season.
  3. Colin Wilson - that pass though! Wilson has had a pretty decent season, and we all know what the kid can do in the playoffs.

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