Nashville Predators 2, Dallas Stars 5: Frustrations Boil Over

The Dallas Stars were looking to make a statement tonight with the Predators, and they did.

The Dallas Stars were out for blood tonight and were desperately trying to pull their season out of the gutter it was slowly sinking into. Jamie Benn signed a fat new contract and hadn’t been producing, while Jason Spezza had all but disappeared. Tonight you would have never known that.

The Predators were riding a huge win against Colorado going into tonight’s contest but that wouldn’t be enough to shake Dallas. The Stars came out early with a lot of pressure and got on the board first and the Predators would be chasing the lead the rest of the night.

Dallas put up back to back goals early in the first period. One from Jamie Benn and quick follow up from Brett Ritchie less than 30 seconds later. Viktor Arvidsson was able to cut the Star’s lead in half towards the end of the period with a beautiful shorthanded goal and things didn’t seem so bad for Nashville going into the first intermission.

Nashville came out strong in the first and things quickly spiraled out of control from there. Spezza notched a goal, followed by Antoine Roussel before Peter Laviolette made the decision to pull Pekka Rinne. Marek Mazanec would take the ice for his first time since the Predators’ 6-2 loss against the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 15th.

Mazanec held fairly strong considering the circumstances. Dallas had a goal by Radek Faksa called off for goalie interference but quickly earned their fifth tally of the night from Tyler Seguin.

The Predators would try to rally late in the third with a goal from Calle Jarnkrok, his fifth of the season, and Mazanec’s first NHL point with the assist.

It was an incredible play by both Mazanec and Jarnkrok. The late goal wouldn’t be enough to spark a late game revival and the Predators dropped this one 5-2.

Nashville will look for redemption on Saturday against Arizona.

Random Observations

  • Half of Dallas is on IR...sheesh.
  • You know it’s going to be a rowdy game when Josi is the first one to the penalty box.
  • Clearing the puck is crucial. You can’t ask Pekka to make back to back inhuman saves.
  • That’s why!!! Dallas on the board first.
  • Oh look Dallas on the board again and Pekka...whoa. I feel you Pekks but can’t do that. /
  • Too many penalties! Stay. Out. Of. The. Box...Please!
  • Arvy with the shorty! We love the shorty...and Arvy!
  • Early in the second and Watson is putting some heaters on net.
  • We looked really good there for a second and then Spezza scored. I don’t even know how that happened.
  • The Stars are 27th in the league for the penalty kill. You wouldn’t know it right now.
  • Yuck! Pekka gives up four and takes a seat. Not what you want to see in a game like this.
  • Pekka was just staring into that camera like he was ready to suck the souls out of all of us.
  • Aggressive goalies. Aggressive goalies across the league tonight.
  • Oh more power play...I also just remembered I have wine in the fridge.
  • Will Forsberg ever score again?
  • End of the second...this is gnarly. Like the Point Break re-make gnarly.’s bad.
  • Ryan Johansen slow to the bench early in the third while Josi is back int he box for retaliation. What is happening tonight?
  • At least Dallas hasn’t scored again.
  • Holy wow! Calle Jarnkrok is very underrated, that goal was a beaut!
  • And Mazanec with a well played assist. I dig it.
  • Arvy is a one man hockey team.
  • I don’t like Dallas. /

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Viktor Arvidsson - This season would be going a lot differently with out Arvidsson. He’s already surpassed his season high of 8 goals, and he currently has more goals this season than season veterans Corey Perry and Patrick Kane. This kid has no limits right now.
  2. Calle Jarnkrok - The goal he had wasn’t enough to save the Predators, but it was a beautiful wrist shot that Kari Lehtonen never saw coming.
  3. Marek Mazanec - Despite the rocky start he’s had this season and considering the circumstances tonight he was solid and even notched his first NHL point. Good for Maz!

Tweets of the Night