Nashville Predators 2, Toronto Maple Leafs 5: Hitting Snooze

The Predators really, really, really needed to win this game.

I have this game down as a must-win game. The Nashville Predators are dangerously close to being out of contention for a playoff spot. A big win against the Toronto Maple Leafs would go a long way towards building the momentum (and the points) needed to come thundering back. However, a loss tonight means the Predators move even closer to a position in which they unload players for a return on future assets.

What Happened?

  • Very nice tribute to Kobe Bryant before the anthems.
  • Colin Blackwell is playing like he’s 10 feet tall and bulletproof.
  • Well, William Nylander converts on a beautiful breakaway opportunity and puts the Leafs up 1-0 early.
  • Nashville gets back in the game instantly as Granlund rockets a pass from Duchene into the net. 1-1
  • I like that kind of energy. Keep it up./
  • Bridgestone is loud tonight. Leafs fans and Preds fans are both loud. Pretty good for a Monday night.
  • Zach Hyman banks it off someone’s skate or stick. 2-1. Momentum killer.
  • Matt Irwin almost got one in. No one was expecting that. Least of all Frederik Andersen.
  • Duchene’s line came to play tonight.
  • Fabbro off the crossbar! Plenty of chances tonight for everyone.
  • Calle Jarnkrok was charging hard. Nothing came of it, but the effort is there.
  • Game seems to have slowed down.
  • Viktor Arvidsson just entered the zone ahead of everyone and took a shot from the circle. Guess he didn’t see any other option.
  • First Period ends with the Leafs up 2-1.  Need to see some energy in the second. /
  • Second period underway. Hyman looked a little slow getting off the ice after his first shift.
  • Sloppy passing.
  • Matt Irwin and Frederik Gauthier are going at it hardcore. Irwin may have knocked the wind out of him on a hit.
  • Pekka Rinne was drawn out of the net to make a save and Rasmus Sandin took advantage of the open net. Leafs up 3-1. Not good.
  • Blackwell just chased down a puck, took it from Andersen behind the net, then took on two skaters to claim it back. Bottle up whatever it is he has and give it to everybody else on the team.
  • More bad passing. This has got to stop. It doesn’t always lead to a goal, but you can count on losing possession every time.
  • Welp, Nick Bonino is headed to the box for hooking. The way Toronto is playing on the PP, this is going to be a big problem.
  • So far, good job clearing. Only 40 seconds gone, though.
  • Now they’re set up in the zone.
  • Cleared. One more run.
  • With Bonino charging back into play, Jason Spezza finds the back of the net. 4-1 Toronto.
  • Not to be Debbie Downer, but that Spezza goal may have been the end of the season./
  • Justin Holl heads to the box for interference. The Predators need to capitalize on this opportunity and get back in the game.
  • Aaaaaaaand, Kyle Turris heads to the box for hooking. 4-on-4. Not. Good. /
  • Third period is underway. The team showed us what they were made of last period (it wasn’t good) and they’ll have an opportunity to prove that period was a fluke.
  • Three minutes in and I’m not seeing it. Someone has to step up.
  • Krazy Kyle is playing the theme from “Stranger Things”...I feel like we’re in the upside-down.
  • Craig Smith hanging out in front of the net is a good things. I bet it also looks good to the scouts sitting all around me.
  • Nothing positive is happening. It seem like the Predators, who are down 4-1, are trying to run the clock down.
  • Viktor Arvidsson takes advantage of a rebound, making it 4-2 with around 7 minutes left in the game.
  • It shouldn’t take a goal to get a team fired up. The goal should be the result of being fired up.
  • Matthews empty net goal.  5-2. Game./

Shaun’s Three Stars of the Game

1. Mikael Granlund - He scored a goal.

2. Viktor Arvidsson - He scored another goal.

3. The Toronto Maple Leafs - They scored many goals.