Nashville Predators 3, Anaheim Ducks 1: Wins are better than excuses

And you usually feel better about them too.

They won a hockey game.

Screw excuses.

In life, you will be challenged. When things don't go your way, you eventually have to do something to counter the negative event. How long you wait is up to you.

The Preds didn't let it bother them tonight, and that's new ground in this series, and this series isn't over yet.

It's that simple. Life is like a battery. It has both positive and negative sides to it. And if it didn't have both sides... it wouldn't be effective. Hockey is the same way. Either way... you'll need to score goals to get what you want.

Random Observations

  • The first period had its share of chaos, but it felt like a season premier that was built to set up some heavy drama.
  • As illustrated by Cody Bass chasing the roadrunner into the rock wall. Bass smashed against the wall, hurt himself. It's okay to laugh at this, mostly because he probably would've been penalized if he actually landed the check.
  • The second period saw more and more building, until the Preds started to push into the Ducks' zone. The Nashville defensemen stayed back and played defense for most of the first half of the game (aside from some nervous moments from Anthony Bitetto), but Mattias Ekholm seized his chance and skated around the net... pulling the Ducks out of position and allowing Frederik Andersen to be screened. 1-0, good guys.
  • As you can imagine, the Ducks pushed back in the second after the Nashville goal. They know their own recent history.
  • I'm not sure how David Poile signed Ryan Ellis and Ekholm to their contracts, but it's grand larceny at this point.
  • Ryan Johansen takes the puck on a rush, and OH MAN HIS EYES TURNED SINISTER. James Neal was waiting for the pass, and bewm... 2-0.
  • Never seen that before. Ekholm checked Lindholm so hard that Lindholm felt the need to headlock Ekholm. Ekholm returns the favor. Penalty to Ekholm. It's crap.
  • And of course, it results in a goal. You can blame the call all you want, but Pekka Rinne should own that one.
  • Yes, the Ducks got a goal off a power play they should not have had. Okay? So what is the team going to do about it?
  • That top line did some great work as the game went on, and carried the fight into the third period. Let this sink in: the Predators are never known for producing elite forwards, sure. But everyone on that line (plus Weber and Josi, who they were paired with at times) have all made the All-Star Game. Cool.
  • The Preds and Ducks trade ice position and chances. Neal had a chance to put it away... rolled on his stick. Perry had the goal to himself.... Pekka with a huge save.
  • Way too much stay-at-home defense for my liking, but the Preds turn up the pressure with the top line as the clock dwindled down.
  • Colin Wilson nearly iced it with a backhand, but Andersen was worthy to the task.
  • Minutes later, Colin Wilson nearly iced it again with a backhand, but Andersen was worthy to the task. Forechecking machine.
  • Empty netter was scored from The Stage by Weber.
  • "HELL YES, THERE WILL BE A GAME SEVEN" said Willy Daunic.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • Pekka Rinne: Sure, he allowed a rotten goal... but the big fella was locked in when it mattered. That's all that matters. So go win a hockey game.
  • Craig Smith: He might not have been 100%, but jeez... he showed he can carry the water on a line.
  • Peter Laviolette: He stacked the top line - worked. The defense was more stable - worked. The team was motivated and disciplined - worked.

Tweets of the Night

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