Nashville Predators 3, Boston Bruins 2: Josi, Arvidsson Power The Preds

Roman Josi scored 2 power-play goals and Viktor Arvidsson got the game-winner. It's good to be gold again!

The Nashville Predators put together an impressive 3-2 road win over the Boston Bruins on Monday night and boy did they need it. Roman Josi finished with two power-play goals, Viktor Arvidsson got the game-winner, and Carter Hutton shined in net.

Kevan Miller got a nice deflection to put the Bruins up 1-0, but Roman Josi tied up the game late in the 1st with a power-play goal. Then things got a little crazy in the 2nd period. The Bruins took the lead after a Neal embellishment penalty and the Preds left Loui Eriksson wide open in front of Hutton. But 30 seconds later, Roman Josi scored his 2nd goal of the game on an incredible drive to the net. Both teams seemed to play with more of an edge in the 2nd, which led to more penalties and more goals.

The 3rd period was where the Preds really shined, and not really in the usual "throw everything at the net" sort of way. They carefully controlled the Bruins attack and turned it in to focused, purposeful offensive attacks of their own, which lead to some high quality chances. This lead to a sensational play by Viktor Arvidsson, who scored his 3rd goal of the year. It looked very similar to the Josi goal, as he flew by the defense, peeled off of Gustavsson and slammed home the puck into the empty net. The Preds would hold on to the lead and grab two huge points in the standings.

Carter Hutton played extremely well for his 3rd win of the year. He scrambled to make some key saves throughout the game and he kept his composure despite some defensive blunders by the Predators blue-liners. No harm, no foul. Preds win and good feelings all around!

Random Observations

  • Nothing Carter Hutton could do about the first goal by the Bruins. Traffic in front, puck deflected off a Preds skate, sailed right into the net. You know... just like none of the goals the Preds are getting right now.
  • These lines. Smh. I can't blame Lavy for trying something, anything to get things going... But did you ever think you would see a Wilson, Ribeiro, Arvidsson line? Or how about Sissons, Hodgson, Smith?
  • The Preds take advantage on the 4-on-3 power-play as Roman Josi roofs one by Gustavsson. Things started off shaky, with the Preds looking rather slow, but they hunkered down and find themselves tied 1-1 after 20 minutes.
  • Roman Josi follows up the game-tying goal with a... fight with Marchand? What in the world? That came out of nowhere.
  • Ok. So maybe (MAYBE) James Neal deserved that embellishment call (which he's getting more of these days), but what in the hell is Tim Peel doing? (link NSFW) He just unleashed a profanity laden lecture at Neal as he called the penalty, as if Neal had just killed his dog. Just unnecessary. And the Bruins take the lead 8 seconds in the power-play. All around an ugly play by all the Preds, but why Peel felt the need to do that is beyond me.
  • Roman Josi, with an incredible play to tie the game. I cannot tell you how incredible that was, you just need to see it. His 2nd goal of the game. My goodness, what a player.
  • Special teams getting a ton of action tonight. Preds with 7 power-play chances, Bruins with 3. Wouldn't have been ok with that going into the game (Bruins with #1 power-play), but the Preds have answered with some solid special teams play.
  • Preds are really hammering the Bruins with everything they have. Bruins have 3 shots in the 3rd period and haven't done much offensively since the Eriksson goal. So many shots, so many chances, still tied 2-2.
  • Viktor Arvidsson with the speed and the goal! He just flew by the defense and put a move on Gustavsson, who bit hard on the deke. With a wide open net and with Colton Sissons whispering sweet nothings into his ear, Viktor gives the Preds the lead. Unbelievable!

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • Roman Josi: Seriously, that goal though. Undoubtedly a Norris-worthy performance tonight.
  • Viktor Arvidsson: he showed another gear tonight. Fantastic game-winning goal!
  • Carter Hutton: gotta love that performance. He made 15 saves and almost all of them were high quality stops. The only two goals were no fault of his, either. /

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