Nashville Predators 3, Los Angeles Kings 4 (OT): Kings Ruin Halloween, Preds Pick Up A Point

The Predators lose an overtime game for the 2nd consecutive Saturday, this time to the L.A. Kings.

The Predators and Kings played a thrilling overtime game on Saturday afternoon with the Kings eventually winning it 4-3.

The game didn't start off strong for the Preds, who seemed to be chasing the puck a bit. Pekka Rinne kept them in it early with some huge stops. There were 3 lead changes in this one, with the Kings going up 1-0, Preds taking the lead 2-1 in the 2nd, the Kings taking the lead back 3-2 in the 3rd. Ryan Ellis's sensational game-tying goal sent it to overtime at 3-3.

In the overtime there were chances all over the place, but the only one that counted was stupid Jeff Carter's stupid unimpeded breakaway goal with 17 stupid seconds left. His stupid goal wins it and the Preds are left with a mere point. Jeff Carter is stupid.

It is nice to get a point, but there were some opportunities left out on the ice tonight. Shrug and move on to tomorrow night against the Ducks, I guess.

Random Observations

  • Not a strong start to this one, though also not a disastrous one. The Kings have played with good speed and pressure, while the Preds are missing passes and slow to break out. Scoreless after the 1st, but the Preds are spending way too much time in the defensive zone and have had only a few chances.
  • The only major highlight in the 1st period was Pekka Rinne. He stopped some huge chances by multiple Kings players, the best one being on Tyler Toffoli with about 5 minutes left. He's just so calm under pressure and great at anticipating the attack. Judging at how inept the offense looks right now, Pekka will have to play even better than he did on Wednesday vs. the Sharks if we want to escape L.A. with any points.
  • Forsberg on the penalty-kill continues to make me happy. I was cautious when we first saw him out there earlier in the season, but in hindsight he seems like the best short-handed forward option not named Mike Fisher. Physical, smart, calm, skilled... and he could bust out a shorty at any moment.
  • Kings score 1st on the power-play. Toffoli just had too much time/space in front and beat Pekka's usually solid glove side with a backhander. All credit to Toffoli there--that was a sick shot. The Kings should probably have at least 2-3 goals at this point, if not for some great stops by Rinne and a couple bouncing pucks. I don't feel great about the direction this game is headed.
  • I don't think Cody Hodgson's controller is connected.
  • Early on, this is not even close to the same team we saw on Wednesday. Terrible decisions and even worse execution.
  • But WOW if that's not the same James Neal! He's as deadly as he is relentless. We finally saw some crisp passing, this time on the power-play, and the Preds tie it up. James Neal: the best thing to happen to the Preds power-play since... ever?
  • Speaking of power-plays, Shea Weber blasts another one, and all of a sudden the Preds lead! Crazy turn of events. But let's back-up a sec: Forsberg drew the penalty in the Kings defensive zone on some insane puck-handling. Just an unconscious effort by Fil, as he dragged around a couple defenders. Then with the power-play unit cycling the puck well, Josi dishes it over to Weber who was wide open for the one-timer. It was almost unfair. I'll take it.
  • Geez. The Preds whole "leave Toffoli open in the slot" strategy is probably not wise. Rinne stops yet another huge chance early in the 3rd.
  • Preds had a chance to put this one away with another power-play, but can't put one home. And then of course, the Kings get a 2-on-1 the other way and Toffoli ties it. We've got a wild one brewing here in the 3rd.
  • Flippin' flip. Andy Andreoff gives the Kings the lead, putting home the wide open rebound. Great pressure from the Kings. Preds looked gassed and couldn't keep up with the puck. Totally different game now.
  • Crazy the way a game can turn on a single play. If the Preds capitalize on that power-play, it's 3-1 and likely over. Instead they miss their chance and the Kings take it the other way, tie it up, then go up 3 minutes later.
  • Oh. My. Goodness. The Human Rocketship just destroyed a puck past Quick. The Preds were completely back on their heels, looking as desperate as we've seen them, and then Ryan Ellis went and did that. Incredible, momentum changing goal. (See gif below) Tie game!!
  • I still don't like 3-on-3 overtime hockey. It's just too bizarre. Anyways, there were tons of chances at both ends, but it doesn't matter because Jeff Carter scored the winner with 17 seconds left. Stupid.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • James Neal: Great goal on the power-play. Was probably the best offensive weapon on the ice tonight.
  • Filip Forsberg: 2 helpers on the day and he led the team with 6 shots. It was impossible not to notice the impact he had on every aspect of the game. Love this kid.
  • Shea Weber: huge power-play bomb to put the Preds up 2-1 early. Very physical in this one, he led the team with 4 hits.

Was the Smashville App Correct?

Nope, and it's now 1-10. Which is a bigger disappointment, the Smashville App or the Anaheim Ducks?

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