Nashville Predators 7, Winnipeg Jets 0: Preds Punish Awful Jets

The Preds demolished the Jets, who need to go spend about 100 hours in time-out to think real hard about what they did wrong.

The Nashville Predators beat the Manitoba Correctional Facility Winnipeg Jets in a dominating 7-0 on Saturday night. It was a crazy game, initially because of the Predators scoring, but then eventually because of the Jets "style of play" that led to over 150 penalty minutes by both teams.

It was a 1st period to witness as the Preds completely dominated the Jets, building a commanding 4-0 lead. How dominating were they? The Preds had more goals scored than shots allowed. Yeaaaahh... that'll do fine.

But they weren't done there. James Neal put in his 8th goal of the year to put the Preds up 5-0 early in the 2nd. This prompted the Jets to absolutely lose their minds, changing their strategy from "find the puck and score" to "find the Predator and punch." After the Neal goal, the game was over. The Jets stopped trying to score or even play hockey. It was an absurd display by an absurd franchise.

On the hockey side, we saw some new line combinations tonight, with Mike Ribeiro being paired with Craig Smith and Filip Forsberg. Calle Jarnkrok had two goals and looked sharp. Not sure if it was the line changes or some other bit of magic. But, wow. What an explosion of offense (and stupidity) we saw out there tonight.

If you're scoring at home, that's 15 goals in 3 games this week for the Predators.

Random Observations

  • 3rd line magic! Jarnkrok absolutely stepped into one there. Smart entry pass from Hodgson, too. Great start boys!
  • And it continues! Some nifty passes lead to Craig Smith being wide open in front of Hutchinson. He roofs it home and the Preds lead 2-0 early. Seth Jones had the key pass in that play. Really looked like Seth was shooting on goal, but instead he slaps a pass over to Smith.
  • Seth Jooooooones with his first of the year! But again here it was the play behind the shot that really set up the goal. Both Ribeiro and Smith performed magic tricks with the puck along the boards to maintain possession, with Smith finding Jones on the long setup pass to the blue-line. Just some incredible play in the attacking zone right now.
  • First in-game goaltender change by an opponent this year. Ondrej Pavelec comes in for Hutchinson.
  • Oh, my. Now Ribs. This is glorious. I feel like this is what should have transpired against Jake Allen and the Blues the other night.
  • The crowd has First Period Frosty Fever and I don't think there is a cure for that kind of sickness.
  • James Neal with a sick goal off of a sick pass from Wilson. Just found some room in front and sent a one-timer by Pavelec with ease. This one is getting stupid.
  • And now the Jets will begin the inevitable hunt for desperate glory, looking for players to hurt instead of ways to score. Cheap hit on Seth Jones prompts a near all-out brawl, with Jackman and Thorburn receiving Game Misconducts. Some other guys got penalties as well, but none of this happens if not for the hit on Jones. What a bunch of punks.
  • Have to mention that with all the scoring happening this week, Filip Forsberg still doesn't have a goal since October 15th. Come on, Fil! Make it happen!
  • I actually forgot we had Pekka Rinne for 2 periods of hockey. How does that even happen? (And he got the freaking shutout!)
  • The Jets are going all-out douchebag in this game. Cheap late hits, flying knees, ignoring whistles, sending pucks into the net after play... just a terrible display of professional sports by this stupid hockey team. What a waste of a franchise.
  • Winnipeg Jets hockey everyone:

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • Craig Smith: 1g, 2a, with a reshuffled line. Great way to breakout of an early slump for Smitty.
  • Seth Jones: 1g, 2a. First goal of the year! He's had one coming for a while now. He was solid on defense again as well.
  • Mike Ribeiro: 1g, 1a. Great stability on the new line, excellent passing out there tonight. /

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Woot! Craig Smith! 3-14 on the season.

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