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Nashville Predators Analysis

What should Predators fans expect with Barry Trotz back in Nashville?

The Predators’ future is in the hands of its first coach.

Juuse Saros is the only thing keeping the Predators together

The young Finn is so good at hockey that some might argue it’s a detriment to the Predators.

Is this the last stand of the Nashville Predators’ core?

As trade rumors circle Ekholm, McDonagh, and others, the next few weeks will determine the future of the Preds’ roster.

Tommy Novak and the revolving door

Novak had performed admirably since his call up from Milwaukee. Why did he spend Christmas in the minors?

Nashville’s special teams are a concern

Preds rank 29th in PP%, 21st in PK%

Would more blueline scoring help fix the Preds’ season?

The Predators have disappointed this season. Is it because of a drop in scoring from the back end?

Editorial: The Predators' mismanagement of Eeli Tolvanen represents major organizational issues

Eeli Tolvanen is gone, and fans have every right to be upset at the coaching staff and management for their decisions with the young Finn. Something has to change.

Predators’ bad start has exposed fundamental issues with franchise decision-making

It is not looking good, folks.

After loss to Peter Laviolette’s Capitals, Coach John Hynes should beware of befalling a similar fate as his predecessor

It is too early to make any decisions on the future of John Hynes, but the early warning signs are there.

Where Will Nashville Rank in the 2022-2023 Central Division?

Some hockey content that’s not clickbait.

Predators did all they could in Tkachuk saga, now time for different options

The first line of "Fix You" by Coldplay is perfect for this moment. It’s time to look somewhere else.

The Predators and the Filip Forsberg Dilemma

It’s speculation season, ladies and gentlemen.

Tanner Jeannot’s case for the Calder Trophy

Where does "The Ox" rank among the best rookies in the game?

Two years into John Hynes’s tenure, was he the right coaching choice for Nashville?

There were raised eyebrows when Hynes was named head coach in January 2020. Has he delivered on what was promised?

Despite a lack of scoring, Eeli Tolvanen is going to be okay

The box score can be unforgiving sometimes.

When Do We Start to Worry About Dante Fabbro?

It’s been three seasons since Fabbro came into the league, and fans aren’t seeing enough tangible improvement. When should the worrying start?

What is the deal with Matt Duchene?

Who or what is to blame for the Duchene disappointment in Smashville?

Predators need to rebuild through trading for prospects, not draft picks

A look at what the Nashville Predators must do to set the franchise up once more for success.

How to fix the Predators: a manifesto

It’s time that this franchise embarked in a new direction.

John Hynes was set up to fail, but his excuses are running out

The Predators haven’t done their new head coach any favors, but that doesn’t exempt him from blame.

Special teams play shines a harsh spotlight on Preds’ poor season

The problem runs deeper than just the games where they give up power-play goals in bunches.

Predators’ collapse a long time coming

A look back at the game that first showed cracks in the Predators’ foundation.

Power Outage: Predators’ power play solutions start with helping players

Why is Nashville’s power play one of the league’s worst yet again? It fails to put players in a position to succeed.

Hot Or Not?: Ups and downs from the Predators’ first three weeks

2021 has delivered some hot starts, while others, like Andre 3000, are cooler than being cool.

How the third pairing will help the Predators win this year

When the head coach trusts the third defense pairing, everyone benefits.

How the Dan Hinote hire may be the grit the Preds have been looking for

I had the opportunity to talk to Dan Hinote after he was hired as an assistant coach by the Nashville Predators. Here are my takeaways.

Adapt or Die: Building a Successful Team in the Modern NHL (Part Two)

Why playing youngsters works, how positional fluidity helps, and the role of physicality.

Adapt or Die: Building a Team in the Modern NHL (Part One)

Welcome to the new age, people.

It Sure Feels Like Juuse Saros Has Taken Over the Starting Job

John Hynes won’t say it, but everything about the past two weeks points to Saros as the Predators’ new top goaltender

$24 million reasons the Predators should still be concerned about Shea Weber’s health

He isn’t on the team anymore, but Shea Weber’s future could still impact the Predators salary cap.

Hynes Right to Discipline Star Predators

Forsberg, Duchene, Johansen are all seeing a reduction in ice time.

From Untouchable to Trade Bait: Where the Predators rank ahead of the trade deadline

We’ve got 6 tiers for trade likeliness