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Nashville Predators Analysis

To Praise And/Or Criticize the Preds' Offseason

David Poile and the gang drafted this year with a nearly singular focus, and then addressed some roster holes via free agency. Is it enough? And are the pieces the correct ones?

Hindsight: The Franson & Santorelli Trade

Looking back on a trade with so much potential that didn't pan out the way anyone hoped.

Six Weeks to Fall: How the Preds Lost Their Lead

Putting into perspective what became of the once mighty, Central-leading Predators.

The Case For Filip: Why He Should Win The Calder

Everyone's favorite Swede has been dazzling hockey fans and frustrating opponents all year long, but some think his grip on the Calder Trophy is slipping. Well, it isn't.

Undervalued & Underworked

The blue-liner may be an easy scapegoat, but Nashville's problems run deeper than one defenseman who really isn't playing terribly.

Shots (Not) Fired: What's Up With the Preds?

A look into what may be causing Nashville's current losing skid.

The Nashville Predators Aren't Special

The Nashville Predators are in the midst of a tremendous season, but that doesn't make them special. In fact, not being special may be a good thing.

How Much Are Wilson and Smith Worth?

The two RFAs aren't making it easy for management to sign them at a discount.

Nashville's Optimal Lineup: The Lines You Deserve

Nashville's recent acquisitions prove the team is making a strong push to win the Stanley Cup this year, but their secondary scoring has been poor. Switching up line combinations may be the key to addressing this issue.

Jones Supporting a Depleted Defense

Seth Jones is helping a depleted Nashville defense corps stay above water.

The Ballad of Filip Scoresberg

In honor of the kid that's transforming the Nashville Predators.

So You Want a New Backup Goaltender?

With Pekka Rinne down, the backup goalie situation in Nashville is a hot button debate waging throughout the Predator faithful. Maybe a cursory glance at some numbers may or may not change some peoples tune on Carter Hutton.

Halfway Through: Quantifiable Swagger

This year's version of the Nashville Predators have more confidence late in games, and the results to show for it.

Hutton For A Win

Carter Hutton's season hasn't gone as planned after he seeemed to blossom into a more than capable goal tender last season.

Preds Becoming a Threat In the West

20 games into the season, the Nashville Predators are looking more and more like a team to beat.

Red-Hot Predators: Tempering Expectations

The Predators are turning heads so far this season. They have shown that teams need to take them seriously, but how much of this early success is due to luck?

David Poile's Offseason Strategy Paying Off

The NHL should introduce a "Thrifty Shopper" award, and name it after the Preds' GM.

The Curious Case of Colin Wilson

The first-round pick may be playing the best hockey of his career right now.

New-Look Preds Continue Strong Start

Nashville is still finding its new direction, but they are looking good while doing so.

Snub Shop? Changes underway for Preds in Nashville

Head coach Peter Laviolette isn't afraid to part with longstanding tradition, both on and off the ice.

Don't Worry About the Preds' Power Play... Yet

The lack of extra-man tallies is concerning, but the preseason is about working out all the kinks. At least the total ineptitude doesn't count for real.

NHL Season Preview: Three Big Questions

As the season gets ready to start, there are three big questions facing the Nashville Predators.

Ellis' Contract Is a Win For Everyone

The price is right, the term is good, and the Predators get a talented defenseman back in the lineup.

On Ryan Ellis: Deploying the Rocketship

INSIDE: References to "The Wire", Charts, and a Formula For Success. All pertain to Ryan Ellis.

C.S.I. OTF: The Case of the Errant Golfball

Strange things are afoot when Seth Jones gets blamed for a mysterious golfball striking the Fisher residence. OTF investigates the incident and the war of words that follow to bring you the whole truth.

Piecing the Puzzle Together

How do the new pieces affect the makeup of the Predators, and what will the final product look like?

The Case For Signing Mike Ribeiro

Desperate times call for desperate measures. What are the pros and cons on signing problem child Mike Ribeiro?

Jokinen Deal Comes With an Asterisk

Jokinen won't light up the opposition, but could be a nice addition if the Predators aren't done for the offseason.

James Neal Makes Preds Better

It may take some time to get used to him, but despite some character questions James Neal immediately improves the Predators roster.

Preds take Kamenev, Dougherty in 2nd Round

The Predators use their two second-round picks to take forward Vladislav Kamenev and defenseman Jack Dougherty.

Kevin Fiala Selected 11th Overall

The Predators select forward Kevin Fiala with the 11th overall pick.

Preds Acquire James Neal from Penguins

The Predators have made a big trade for a scoring forward.