Nashville Predators 6, Calgary Flames 5: Wild west shootout ends in favor of the Predators

So many goals!

No one would have held it against you if you decided to skip this game. It's a Friday night and you probably had something better to do than watch two of the worst teams in the NHL play in a probably snoozefest. We get it, it's cool.

But holy crap did you miss out.

The Predators and the Flames put each of their respective skates on the gas pedal and didn't let up for the entire night. Defensemen abandoned their posts seeking goals and glory, as plenty of them found their way onto the scoresheet. Both backup goalies found their way into the game, and the red light was worn out on both sides.

It came down to the last minute, but the Predators were able to get the goal that stood and leave Calgary with a win.

Random Observations

  • It didn't take long to open the scoring, as Victor Bartley slapped home an awesome Craig Smith pass for his very first NHL goal barely six minutes into the game. What would follow would be just madness.

  • Speaking of firsts, Calle Jarnkrok made his big league debut tonight and notched his first point in 16:20 of ice time. Let's take a deeper look into the numbers: In a game where the opposition scored 5 goals, Iron Hook wasn't one the ice for a single goal against, and was on for two goals for. He also boasted a Corsi% of 57.9 at 5v5 while his team was a lousy 41.0%. It's still just one game, but that's a heck of a game for the young prospect.

  • 11 (!) goals were scored in this game by nine different goal scorers.
  • It's a good thing Michael Del Zotto was scratched last game so he couldn't execute an amazing pass to a teammate for a goal like he did this game.
  • Rinne decided to take a little stroll away from the goal crease. It ended up being a longer stroll than he wanted, as the ensuing goal gave him a detour to the bench.

  • Matt Cullen has been extremely quiet over the last few weeks, only contributing one goal and one assist in his last 12 games. Well, someone finally stepped off the garden hose as he broke out for 4 points tonight.

  • Colin Wilson's mustache did not score tonight.

  • Seriously, just think about this for a second. Preds had a two goal lead. It went away. They took the lead back. It went away. They finally broke away to get their two goal lead back. Calgary draws within one with two minutes left and the game goes down to the final second. Un. Real.

If the rest of the season are games like that, I don't even care if the Preds lose or not. That was just some fantastic fun, though I'm sure the goaltenders and coaches didn't feel the same way.

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