Nashville Predators @ Colorado Avalanche Preview: You Guys Again?

Oh brother.

This is going to be one short preview.

You already know about the team you're rooting for, mostly. You already know about the team they're playing, mostly. It wasn't that long ago they were playing each other, definitely.

You know those times in college where you trudge to class, only to find out the professor has something to do and speeds through the lesson to give you the rest of the day off? Get ready for one of those.

The Colorado Avalanche

Since we last saw them, the Avalanche have been sitting around in the Rockies licking their wounds. They haven't had a game since Tuesday, so they'll be well rested and eager to knock the tired Predators down a few hundred feet or so. (Geographically speaking.)

The Colorado game plan is to let Semyon Varlamov absorb as many shots as he possibly can, so they can swoop in at the opportune moment to win the game. I call it the Homer Simpson Strategy. It worked wonders last year, though not so much this year, even though it almost paid off again on Tuesday night. They had some 30ish shots compared to the Preds' 70ish, but took advantage of Nashville's inability to play 5-on-6 to tie the game.

The Nashville Predators

It's possible Varlamov won't have to work as hard as he did last time. Nashville is coming of a hard-fought shootout loss to the Blues, and doesn't have much time to recharge.

Marek Mazanec really needs to start this game. Last night's loss wasn't Carter Hutton's fault, but he did let in a stinker or two. Coupled with the intense play and the bonus hockey, there's just no reason to go back to the Hutt. Yet, every time I type words like this, Peter Laviolette always goes with the tired goalie. I guess we'll see how it goes, but bet on a Maz appearance one way or another.

Is tonight the night Filip Forsberg sets (then breaks) the Nashville rookie goals record? Only one way to find out.

Reasons to Watch

Pregame Entertainment

Let's go in-state to Fort Collins with one of my favorite new bands. Feast on the meedly-meedlies and try not to break your neck from headbanging so hard.

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Drink of Choice

  • Colorado has some of the best beer around, possibly second only to Michigan. You have my permission to go New Belgium Fat Tire, Left Hand Milk Stout, Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA, or (if you really want to impress me) Great Divide Yeti. The latter is probably my favorite imperial stout out there./

Important Things and Stuff

If FS-TN hasn't been banned from being on the air, you'll find the game there. Ditto for 108.5 The Weber 102.5 The Game. Remember, you have an extra hour of drinking before the game starts tonight at 8 p.m. CST. Hop to it.