Predators Lineup Tool: Build Your Starting Lineup!

Can you do better? Pick players, chew gum and set your roster!

We at On The Forecheck want to know what you think the Predators’ lineup for 2019-2020 should be! Using the tool below, you can set the forwards and defenders, with three-year statistics to help you decide (all are rates, e.g. goals/60 min) all at even strength.

When you're finished, select the download button at the bottom, pick "image" and post your preferred lineup in the comments! Tip: I have formatted the tool for use on mobile, but it saves as a very long image—you can switch to desktop mode on your mobile browser and save to get the version that's easier to read. However, desktop mode is by far the easiest way to navigate! You can also visit the Tableau page directly.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, sound off and let me know! I will continue to make changes over the coming weeks. Have fun!