Merry Christmas from OTF: Relive Preds' 2013 Holiday Video

It's joyful AND triumphant.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of the On the Forecheck staff!

The night is winding down. You may be topping off your glass of wine before putting another log on the fire and another movie on the screen. But between all of that, there is still time to relive with us the magic that was the Nashville Predators' 2013 Holiday Video. We didn't get the pleasure of seeing one this year, and it's probably for the best. No way that one would have held a candle to what we've already seen:

This could possibly be the defining moment of Seth Jone's career.


This is the most impractical freaking instrument combo I've ever seen. How can you play a bass guitar when most of the instrument is meant to stand up? Thanks, Roman Josi, for unleashing this monster to the world.




Terry Crisp plays a guitar solo on a flute, doesn't care how a flute is supposed to work.


This is way too much concentration for a cymbal crescendo, Craig.


Merry Christmas, everyone!