Nashville: Our Home, Our Family

Tragedy transcends anything that happens in sports - but so does community

Late last night, a tornado and a series of fast-moving storms careened through middle Tennessee, leaving a wake of destruction downtown, in Germantown, much of East Nashville, and Lebanon as well.  Rescue crews are out in the storm as I write this, with flood and severe thunderstorm warnings continuing to come in.

It's difficult to know what to say in times like this, but I do know one thing: this city is strong.  Just like we overcame the utter destruction of the floods nearly a decade ago, so too will we eventually find our way out of this.

The sun will rise in a few hours—for some, a it is sign of hope, but for others, a bright light that will shine on the tattered remains of what was once home.  Most of us will sit and wonder:

What do we do now?

There's no right answer.  Do you want to distract yourself, and discuss last night's Nashville Predators game? Great—we've provided an avenue for that, in last night's recap or this morning's links thread.  Do you want to get out in the street and help your fellow neighbors?  Fantastic! There's never too much help.  Do you want to just have a place to connect with your other people? Use the comments, social media, whatever you want.  We're in this together.

Hopefully, we'll have more answers soon.  We'll look for and share ways you can help both on the ground, or from afar.  And if you just need to talk about sports to give your mind—and your hearts—a rest, well, we'll be here for you too.

This is our city.  I know we will stand strong.  I know we will eventually be okay.  We will come together for one another in any way we can.  Because we believe in Nashville.