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Listen to the On The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 4 - Draft Preview Part 2!

Bryan and Eric finish up the OTF Podcast’s preview of this week’s NHL Draft!

Listen to the On The Forecheck Podcast - One-Timers: Episode 3 - The Nashville Youth Movement

Shaun, Nick and Eamon discuss Tuesdays press conference with GM David Poile and what it means for the future

Listen to the On The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 2 - Draft Preview Part 1!

Bryan, Eric and Eamon take a look in part one of the OTF Podcast's Draft Preview

PREDCAST Season 5 Episode 2: Dust on the Bottle

Rejoice. October is finally here.

PREDCAST Season 5 Episode 1: A New Start

Because your summer has gone long enough without a Predcast episode.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 29: Omega

The season has ended. Enjoy the wake.

Audio Clips: Martel, Pete & Terry, Lyndsay Rowley

Arm yourselves with knowledge from people who are asked to talk on air about hockey.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 28: Playoffs and Such

Ho hum, the Preds beat the Ducks. Let's all act accordingly. There's far more work to be done.

Audio Clips: Martel, Stanley, Mason

Plenty to talk about after last night's Game 6 win.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 27: Halfway to Four

Winning both games in Anaheim? Alex, Chris and I acted accordingly.

Audio Clips: Ekholm, Forsberg, Johansen, & more

It was a busy day on Nashville radio yesterday. In case you missed any of it, we got you covered.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 26: The Real Season

Let's do the damn thing.

PREDCAST S4 E25: The Last Page of the Chapter

The Nashville Predators are concluding their regular season. And frankly, GOOD. They look a bit bored.

Audio Clips: Robby Stanley, Pete Weber, and more

I'm looking forward to when something happy happens and Preds coverage is in full force. But until that day...

PREDCAST S4 E24: The Happiest Tearjerker

The team is playing very well, even though some of you are stressing over the Jimmy Vesey situation. Yet, plenty of you might be a little sad after listening to this. Why? Oh well... you may be able to figure it out.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 23: Coda

In a season that tasted like a strong whiskey, the Preds are sitting comfortably in the #1 Wild Card spot with a puncher's chance of catching Chicago. Regardless... we did our best to have fun and enjoy the ride thusfar.

PODCAST: Roster, Playoffs, and Recent Form

A special weekday podcast. SURPRISE!

PREDCAST S4 E22: Preparing for the Storm

Just a few weeks from the end of the season, our beloved local hockey team is in decent shape. And our mutual favorite player had himself a good week.

PREDCAST S4 E21: Burning The Forest Down

Scoring goals, getting points, and right where we want to be. Not much to complain about this week.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 20: Turning the Corner

At long last.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 19: POINTS!

We rambled about the team performing better, and getting points. It hasn't been pretty, but points were earned. That's good. We'll take it.

PREDCAST S4 E18: Someone Should Ask The Questions

Re: Goaltending. It's time. No more excuses.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 17: Wintery Mix Episode

We were not about to risk our lives and cars driving on Nashville roads after the show. So we tried something new w/ Google Hangout. It... well, listen.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 15: The Return of Fun

We missed fun. We're glad to have it back.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 14: On to New Problems

The show that began several years ago finally was granted its wish of getting a 1C. Heck, Link and I were calling for Peter Laviolette to be the Preds' coach in season 1. We're going to run out of things to complain about.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 13: This Year's Jokinen

The Predcast, considered the most accurate and dangerous hockey show to ever grace Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County and also considered charter members of the Colton Sissons & Austin Watson supporters' groups, is back.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 10: "At Least We Scored"

The most infamous words of Predators fandom have resurfaced.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 9: A REAL BAD WEEK

It was a bad week by this team's standards. Let's not hide that. But James Neal made some dude bleed and that makes you feel better.


In the month of November, the Predators have decided to shoot the puck consistently. The numbers and results are much better.

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 7: Welcome Home

The team returned back from their CMA trip with high spirits. Then... Jake Allen happened. We yap about that, the lines, and the word "hockey".

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 6: Going to California

Thanks to the blessed CMA Awards, our beloved hockey team is headed on a 3 game road trip to the golden state. And thanks to that, we recorded our weekly audio goodness on Sunday. Rejoice!

PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 5: Center of Attention

You people brought the lumber, and asked the crew a metric tonne of questions. Thankfully, Jon and Link didn't have to be anywhere else on Wednesday night.