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NHL Season Predictions

As the 2013 NHL Regular Season gets underway, it's time to commit to some predictions, so you can all look back and point out how stupid prescient we were...


The 48-game intraconference schedule makes predictions a trickier business than usual. With divisional rivals playing a larger portion of the season strictly against each other (37% as opposed to 29% in an 82-game season), will that make it more difficult for one division to field 4 playoff teams, like the Central and Atlantic did last year?

So here's who George & I are picking to make the playoffs (in order), and take home the hardware:

George Dirk
West East West East
San Jose Pittsburgh St. Louis Pittsburgh
St. Louis Washington Los Angeles Boston
Vancouver Montreal Vancouver Florida
Minnesota Philadelphia San Jose New York Rangers
Chicago New York Rangers Chicago Carolina
Nashville Boston Phoenix Washington
Phoenix Buffalo Detroit Philadelphia
Detroit Carolina Nashville Ottawa
Stanley Cup champs New York Rangers Los Angeles Kings
Hart Trophy Alex Ovechkin Sidney Crosby
Norris Trophy Ryan Suter Alex Pietrangelo
Vezina Trophy Henrik Lundqvist Pekka Rinne

Feel free to submit your own picks in the comments below!