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Odds to Win Stanley Cup 2013 Shift Following NHL Lockout

Back in June, the morning after the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils 6-1 to win the Stanley Cup 4 games to 2, we shared 2013 Stanley Cup winning odds with you from online sports book Bovada. As we predicted in June, odds have shifted (though we didn't account for a lockout) -- follow after the jump to see how much each team's odds of winning this year's Cup have changed.

Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown leads the team through a celebratory parade in the summer of 2012.
Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown leads the team through a celebratory parade in the summer of 2012.
Victor Decolongon

Here are revised 2013 Stanley Cup odds for each team, with Bovada's June 2012 odds in parentheses for comparison (stick tap to Sean Leahy):

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins -- 8:1 (down from 7:1)
  2. New York Rangers -- 17:2 (up from 12:1)
  3. Vancouver Canucks -- 9:1 (up from 12:1)
  4. Los Angeles Kings -- 12:1 (down from 11:1)
  5. Philadelphia Flyers -- 12:1 (up from 14:1)
  6. Chicago Blackhawks -- 14:1 (down from 12:1)
  7. Boston Bruins -- 16:1 (down from 14:1)
  8. Detroit Red Wings -- 16:1 (down from 12:1)
  9. St. Louis Blues -- 16:1 (down from 12:1)
  10. Minnesota Wild -- 18:1 (up from 75:1)
  11. San Jose Sharks -- 20:1 (up from 22:1)
  12. Carolina Hurricanes -- 22:1 (up from 50:1)
  13. Washington Capitals -- 22:1 (up from 25:1)
  14. Buffalo Sabres -- 25:1 (no change)
  15. Edmonton Oilers -- 25:1 (up from 60:1)
  16. Toronto Maple Leafs -- 25:1 (up from 35:1)
  17. Nashville Predators -- 28:1 (down from 18:1)
  18. Tampa Bay Lightning -- 28:1 (down from 25:1)
  19. Montreal Canadiens -- 30:1 (up from 60:1)
  20. New Jersey Devils -- 30:1 (no change)
  21. Anaheim Ducks -- 40:1 (down from 25:1)
  22. Colorado Avalanche -- 40:1 (no change)
  23. Dallas Stars -- 40:1 (no change)
  24. Florida Panthers -- 40:1 (down from 35:1)
  25. Ottawa Senators -- 40:1 (no change)
  26. Phoenix Coyotes -- 40:1 (no change)
  27. Calgary Flames -- 50:1 (no change)
  28. Winnipeg Jets -- 50:1 (down from 40:1)
  29. New York Islanders -- 66:1 (up from 75:1)
  30. Columbus Blue Jackets -- 100:1 (down from 75:1)

The Odds Follow Ryan Suter

Ryan Suter's defection to Minnesota on July 4 seems to have factored most heavily in Bovada's odds shifts. Nashville's odds of winning the 2013 Stanley Cup saw the biggest revision downward, while Minnesota's odds saw the biggest revision upward (note: Zach Parise's decision to sign with Minnesota likely played a role in the magnitude of Minnesota's shift; we only note here that Suter's move likely factored into both Nashville's downward revision and Minnesota's upward revision). If you're still nervous about the Predators' blue line in Suter's absence, take solace in the fact that Shea Weber isn't worried (but hey, he has 110 million reasons to not worry), and remember to fear the beard. You can also answer other teams' fans by reminding them that we have a hulk.

We predicted in June that the Preds' Cup-winning odds would likely be revised downward as they entered Free Agent Frenzy, so consider this a notch etched in our crystal ball. Fans in our poll believed by a pretty overwhelming margin that 18:1 odds were a little too generous for Nashville (51% said "Yes," 36% said "No," and 12% were unsure when asked if Bovada's June 2012 odds were too generous for Nashville). So pat yourselves on the back for your predictive power -- notches in your own crystal balls optional.

One wonders if (a) the Detroit Red Wings, who saw their last season come to an end on April 20, 2012 as they were defeated 4 games to 1 by Nashville, shouldn't be getting better odds in a short season, since that would seem to favor a still-aging squad, or (b) the Wings should be getting worse odds on the heels of Tomas Holmstrom's retirement announcement.

In any case, here's a fearless prediction: the Central Division will once again be the NHL's toughest division, no matter how many games they play.

Tell us in the comments (a) what change/non-change surprised you the most, (b) who you'd take at these odds if money were no object, and (c) whether or not you feel sorry for Columbus, who tumbled from a 75:1 favorite to a 100:1 favorite as the result of losing Rick Nash...