The Predators’ Stadium Series Jerseys Are Here And They’re... Jerseys


Besides the time in the national spotlight, one of the perks of hosting an NHL outdoor game is the opportunity to bust out some special sweaters. Sure, teams might wind up wearing them just one or two times in an actual game, but it’s fun for the fans. And hey... with Christmas coming up, it’s a chance to add something new to the ol’ wishlist.

That’s why Nashville Predators fans were psyched at the prospect of a shiny new outfit for February’s Stadium Series showdown against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was literally one of the first major questions Preds Twitter asked when the game was announced: “Oooh, I wonder what they’ll do for uniforms!”

Well today, we finally got our first look at the Predators’ outdoor outfits, and.... oh no.


Yes, THIS is what the Nashville Predators will be rolling out when they hit the ice at Nissan Stadium: a tribute to music posters that looks more like a tribute to the backs of NBA Starter jackets from the 1990s.

Needless to say, fan reaction to these has been... something.

Now sure, the Stadium Series is known for some oddball uniforms, and these are FAR from the worst look in league history (hi, Los Angeles Kings third jersey from 1996). But the look is a HUGE letdown for Predators fans, especially after the excitement that came when the team teased a return to navy earlier in the week.

To make matters worse, just an hour later, the Lightning unveiled their jerseys for the game, and they’re by no means great, but also... not awful?

I may regret asking this... but... thoughts, Smashville?

Wait. Sorry...