Nashville Predators vs. Edmonton Oilers: A Thanksgiving Day Dessert

The Nashville Predators take the ice tonight for a holiday game against the Oilers.

The Predators look to continue their hot streak against Edmonton tonight in Nashville. What better way to digest your Thanksgiving day feast than by taking in some hockey at the arena. These two teams are polar opposites right now. Nashville is playing some of their best hockey of the season, while Edmonton, well let's just say at least they are showing up to the games.

The Edmonton Oilers

This team is in all sorts of disarray. They have lost five games in a row now, and have no signs of turning the corner anytime soon. Now I am not saying that this will be an easy game for the Preds, because in hockey, you just never know. The Oilers have had some success against the Preds last year, but this season, it has been a different story. They have lost their first two games against Nashville, and have been struggling as of late.

There is a bright spot on this team though. Taylor Hall recently scored his 100th goal of his career. Hall, along with Jordan Eberle have played well for Edmonton. But in hockey, you need more than just a couple of players to be successful. It is a full team effort, and the Oilers are just not getting it as of late.

Edmonton will have to do quite a bit to get a win tonight. They are going to have to get a great effort, top to bottom, from their entire roster. And now that Nashville has emerged as a threat in the Western conference, I expect them to get the other team's best shot every night.

The Nashville Predators

Nashville is riding high as of late. They won a playoff type game (minus the shootout) against the Kings on Tuesday night, and look to carry that momentum into tonight's tilt with Edmonton. The one thing I took away from the last game is that even when Pekka Rinne gave up three goals, the Preds were still able to stay in the game, and win it. That is a great sign for fans. Even on a bad night for Rinne, Nashville is never out of the game.

Heel James Neal continued to do what he does for Nashville, He scored the only goal in the shootout to ensure the win. I just don't know why Laviolette didn't use him earlier in the shootout. I guess we can't complain too much though. Colin Wilson also had a great game the other night. He is really starting to get comfortable in the new system.

I expect the secondary scoring to continue for Nashville tonight. It has finally taken a burden off the shoulders of the first line, and it is helping every line play quite a bit looser.

Reasons To Watch

Because it's Thanksgiving, and what else is on? I am sure no one here cares about the Seahawks vs. 49ers, am I right?

Drink Of Choice For Game Time

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Because it's the holiday season, and you have to have something with pumpkin in it.

(Ed. Note: If you can find a 750 mL bottle of Southern Tier's Pumpking, get in on that.)

Sights and Sounds

The game will be on FS-TN tonight, and you can hear it on 102.5 The Game. Puck drops at 7:00 pm CST, so don't put yourself into a food coma.