Nashville Predators Vs. St. Louis Blues: Game 3

We’re all tied up with the Predators coming back home to Nashville. Let ‘em hear it Preds fans!

After an undisciplined effort in game 2, the Predators are tied 1-1 in the second round against the St. Louis Blues. While it would be nice to be have a 2-0 lead, it is never a bad thing to be going into your own barn tied.

It’s time to bear down for the Predators.

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis has a lot of things going for them right now. The biggest thing is Vladimir Tarasenko is coming off of a 2 goal game. The last thing the Predators need right now is a red hot Tarasenko bearing down their throats. They need to shut him down and shut him down quickly.

The Blues also have Jake Allen playing well right now. His late game performance with several clutch saves was very impressive. If the Predators can get to the net and get under his skin Allen’s historical mediocrity will hopefully start to shine through.

Ultimately, the Predators know they can’t expect this series to be easy and they’ve said so several times. The Blues have the right players coming on at the right time and they’re going to be coming hard to make the series 2-1 in their favor. The Predators are going to have their hands full tonight.

Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators are coming off of a game where they put up 23 penalty minutes, several of which were dumb penalties. Step number one to winning this game is taking fewer penalties.

Another thing to watch for is whether or not the Predators stick to their current roster or try to go back to a more speed style of game, like Austin Pirkle suggested. Personally, I don’t like the fact the Predators are playing to match their opponent’s style. They need to play their game. Take out Fiddler and McLeod, put in Aberg and Zolnierczyk, and move Jarnkrok to center. DO IT.

One thing that has really been a positive on this team is the Predators’ defense, which many consider at the top of the league. In the first game of the series PK Subban stepped up with a 1 goal, 2 assist performance, and in the second game of the series Ryan Ellis put up a goal and an assist. Will the narrative continue with another defenseman stepping up?

Reasons to Watch

1. This is a huge game for the Preds. The next game will be a bit bigger, but this one will allow them to gain a lead on the series and take some confidence away from the Blues.

2. Filip Forsberg. Even though he did not score last night he was everywhere on the ice. I fully expect him to start to make some noise in this series.

3. Finally, the question of whether or not PK will continue to act like a clown will remain for Mike Jones and Keith Milbury. Will he be hit over head by Peter Laviolette or will he continue down this path of destruction. First he’s bobbing his head to the music and next thing you know he’s be sliding across the red line shotgunning a beer with one hand and flicking off the Blues with the other.

Sights & Sounds

Afternoon game! You can catch the game at 2 p.m. CST on NBCSports. If you don't want to listen to complete idiots tune in to 102.5 The Game during the intermissions, if not during the game.