NBC: Preds Take Hold of the Top Spot in the West

A hot start that's worthy of examination, and extra video highlights.

A nice perk of playing a national game: national level highlights. Randy Hahn is one of my favorite play-by-play guys just for his cadence, and his attention to detail. If you have never watching these two teams play each other, Randy Hahn does an excellent job of making you care. And unlike certain analysts, he knows the contracts that the players signed with the correct player, term, and dollar amount.

Plus, he seems to like coming here.

We heard you, Randy.

So with this win, your beloved hockey team/the Handsome Men's Club is occupying the top spot in the West. That's cool! I mean... it's October, but we'll take it. Points are points. James O'Brien of ProHockeyTalk had this to say:

Are the Nashville Predators the best team in the West? That’s debatable, but it’s tough to deny that they might be the most underrated in that brutal conference.

One thing we can’t debate: as of the end of tonight, they’re sitting alone atop the West, only looking up at the Montreal Canadiens in the overall standings.

So let's take a moment to enjoy this. The team is playing well, the big guy in net is starting his season well, and the building is loud and full. Have a great rest of your Thursday.