NHL All Star Merchandise Primer

I went down to Fan Fair today to do a little shopping. Here's what I found.

We checked out the shop at the NHL All Star Fan Fair today, and boy were there some interesting options. We already know about the jerseys, and many folks have had them for a bit. But we've heard from multiple sources that the custom ones with player names and numbers that were ordered through the Preds Pro Shop have been slow to arrive. Well, if those folks had only waited, they could've walked right out with one today. Bummer, man. Here's a side by side of all your favorite players in black AND white. What do you think?

I kinda like them both, although the white looked much, much nicer with the names and numbers than it did as a blank. Let's not forget the latest addition to the squad, James Neal. This Super Fan and overall smart consumer had this one pressed up this morning:

Keep in mind that all jerseys have pressed numbers and letters and are over $200. Luckily, I sold a kidney before the weekend so I'm good. You should have a backup plan as well, because none of this stuff is cheap.

I bought one of these beanies for $40 because it was similar to the one I got in Columbus last year and I like consistency. They had a couple others too that had the snowball on top if that's your thing. As well as scarves and gloves that you DEFINITELY won't be wearing this weekend when it's 60 degrees. Maybe hold out on this stuff for next week and hope for a price break? Up to you, but last year most of the cool stuff was gone by game time so be situationally aware.

If you don't want to commit to a jersey, they have the more "affordable" shirsey with every player, even a healthy stack of Joh Scotts...which I'm definitely getting tomorrow. Here's the Pekka Rinne one I got for my wife. $40.

Then, there's this thing. What it has to do with Nashville, the All Star Game, or hockey is beyond me. But if you want to spend some cash on something your significant other will make you throw away in a couple weeks when it's cluttering the house, go for it.

Now for this beauty. I'm hawking this HARD for my office, but it could be yours for a mere $135. Probably the cheapest among the framed autographed stuff. Beat me to it if you can.

Lots of baseball-style hats, and they all kind of blended together for me. All over $30 as I recall. And we have to go by memory/guesses on a couple of these because the prices were either not present or hidden. Interesting strategy.

Back to shopping for Jason's office for a second...this Pekka doing Pekka things action figure was also available. I think it was over $25. I think I'd rather splurge for the Forsberg frame.

I also grabbed a stack of the official game pucks for a few friends for $20 a pop. They have a separate one for the skills competition if you want a complete set.

Beyond that, there's all the usual stuff...coffee cups, t-shirts, etc. Most of that stuff seemed all the same to me, but if you dig the logo you'll find something you'll like.