NHL Announces 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

The names are familiar, and several might get a ruefully admiring hiss from Predators fans.

This year’s list of people elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame has been released.

Ken Holland joins as a builder (...sure?); Doug Wilson and Kevin Lowe, in their third decade of eligibility, join as players, as do Kim St-Pierre—who becomes the first female goalie elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame—and long-time Predators nemeses Marián Hossa and Jarome Iginla, both as first-ballot choices. At least it’s not as embarrassing to get regularly—or spectacularly—destroyed by a first-ballot Hall of Famer, right?

All the same, Lowe and Hossa are interesting choices. Eric pointed out that Hossa’s importance to Slovakian hockey is huge, so maybe if we consider his international importance it seems less a case of electing a guy to the HHoF because of how many rings he has, but the question of what the Hall of Fame means these days, while players like Alexander Mogilny and Daniel Alfredsson are still waiting for their nods, is an interesting one. Also, Manon Rhéaume isn’t yet in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and this is absolutely blowing my mind.

In any case, congratulations to the class of 2020!