3-on-3 OT Is Coming: Which Preds should take to the ice?

It's not set in stone, but there could be a lot of open ice coming up after regulation.

Pending approval of the NHLPA, 3-on-3 overtime is coming to the NHL next season.

It's one of the many topics being discussed at the yearly GM Meetings are taking place in Boca Raton, Florida this week, and they all seem to be in favor of it. From the Canadian Press:

GMs agreed to recommend some type of three-on-three beginning next season but are still debating whether to add time to the extra session or begin overtime three-on-three instead of four-on-four.

Three skaters per side has been rumbled about for years, as the NHL is looking for ways to keep so many games from going to a shootout. The American Hockey League implemented 3-on-3 OT at the start of this season, and shootouts have decreased dramatically. Their current format starts 4-on-4 before removing a skater, and overtimes are seven minutes long.

Whether the NHLPA likes the best players in the world playing even heavier minutes remains to be seen, so there is plenty to work out until next season. But if you aren't a fan of the shootout, you're in celebration right now. Especially because of how exciting it can get having only six skaters on the ice, as this Devils/Kings game showed us:

So it begs the question, what combos of three Predators players would you want on the ice during overtime? Do you go all forwards, or is Nashville's defense corps too talented to leave off the ice?