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Don't Cry for NHL Owners

On the heels of what Dirk called the "Worst NHL Article Ever Written," not least for its player name misspellings and general NHL bylaw illiteracy, but also for its financial illiteracy, I wanted to briefly highlight a great piece that spells out, with crystalline logic, how we fans -- and, more importantly, hockey reporters -- should think about the "problems" of hockey team ownership. Continue reading for a little bending of conventional wisdom, and remember that there is no spoon....

New CBA, Star Player Moves Are Stories to Watch

With the dam about to break on the NHL Lockout, our focus is about to shift to real competition. So what are the main stories to watch as the season gets underway?

NHL Lockout 2012

NHL Owners Approve CBA, Brian Burke Fired By Leafs

Our afternoon hockey notes bring two gigantic pieces of news. The first was expected, while the second took the Mecca of Hockey by surprise...

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NHL players in Europe: The full list

Where are your favorite NHL players playing during this NHL lockout? Here's a full list.

Preds Announce Ticket Policy for Cancelled Games

Will Preds season ticket holders let the team hold on to their money in exchange for rewards, or ask for a refund in the event that games get cancelled?

NHL Lockout: Games Cancelled Through December 30th

See, kids? You CAN spell Christmas without "N-H-L". In a move that's not surprising given the current status of CBA negotiations, the NHL has written off another two weeks' worth of games.

Are $240 million in losses to be believed?

Renaud Lavoie of RDS is setting tongues wagging this afternoon, with an anonymous "tip" from inside the NHL that seeks to build sympathy for reining in player salaries. But can the league really be losing the amount of money being claimed?

NHL CBA Talks: Late-Night Podium Mania Takes Over

Just like a prisoner in a cell starts talking to himself for lack of human interaction, the hockey media in New York became preoccupied with a podium while CBA talks ran late into the night.

NHL CBA Talks: 'Might be the best day we've had'

Owners and players met for nearly nine hours on Tuesday. It was characterized as perhaps the "best day" of CBA talks so far.

An Open Letter to Preds Governor Joel Dobberpuhl

Tomorrow, the NHL's Board of Governors is scheduled to meet, as the Lockout has now passed the 80-day mark. The time has long passed for urgent action to save the season.

NHL CBA Talks: Mediation Fails After 2 Days

For those who held a glimmer of hope that federal mediators might be able to help resolve NHL Lockout 2012, at least the end came quickly.

NHL CBA Talks: Federal Mediators Called In

While such a move failed to save the 2004-2005 season, the addition of federal mediators to the NHL CBA talks does bring hope that at least a change in direction might come soon.

NHL Cancels All-Star Game, 2 More Weeks of Play

The NHL Lockout has now claimed the games up through the middle of December, and the 2013 All-Star Weekend which was to take place in Columbus.

What I miss about hockey

I didn't really miss the NHL - until the other day. Here's a list of things I miss.

Will the Players & Owners Keep Talking?

Things got ugly on Friday, as accusations surfaced that NHLPA Executive Director Don Fehr may have been holding back information from the players. Can the two sides get back to work on salvaging at least some form of a hockey season?

Revenue Sharing, Playoffs & the Preds

One of the main battlegrounds in the NHL CBA talks has to do with Revenue Sharing, an issue which could have a tremendous effect on the Nashville Predators' fortunes.

Footsteps of Doom: NHL Cancels the Winter Classic

By sacrificing this season's event on the altar of competitive negotiation, both NHL owners & players are putting the future of the Winter Classic at serious risk.

NHL to Wipe Out November Schedule

As expected, the league has erased the month of November from the season schedule, the boldest strike yet in this six-week lockout.

Sergei Kostitsyn Says He'd Rather Stay in KHL

Often criticized in this space for not shooting the puck often enough, Sergei Kostitsyn has started shooting with his mouth instead. The Nashville Predators forward is quoted in a new Russian article as saying he'd rather stay in the KHL.

NHL Cancels Games Through November 1st

Back on October 4, Gary Bettman announced that the league was cancelling the first two weeks of the season, so the time has come to swing the scythe yet again.

Bettman Says CBA Talks Have Taken A Step Backward

After hopes were raised that today's meeting between the players and owners could salvage an 82-game season, the Commissioner expressed his disappointment over the NHLPA's latest proposal.

NHL CBA Talks: League Provides Details of Offer

In a sharp reversal Gary Bettman's comment yesterday that they "don't negotiate publicly", the NHL has published the details of their latest CBA offer.

NHL CBA Talks Heat Up: Owners Propose 50/50 Split

With a short time left to save the prospects of an 82-game season, the NHL rolled out a proposal today which moves the CBA negotiations forward - but how will the players respond?

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A Curse On Both Your Houses!

NHL Cancels First Two Weeks of Regular Season

It's a hard day to be a hockey fan.

Craig Smith to Play in Finland During Lockout

Nashville's rookie sensation from 2011-2012 becomes the fourth Predator to head overseas to keep his game sharp during NHL Lockout 2012, as he joins Finland's SM-liiga.

Where in the World Is Patric Hornqvist?

Following recent reports that he would play for his old Swedish team during the NHL Lockout, it looks instead like Hornqvist will take his talents southwards.

Pekka Rinne Earns First KHL Win

Nashville's stud goalie sported his trademark mask and pads, but the uniform and number (#32) looked quite different as he earned a victory in his first KHL game, turning aside 24 shots.

Could We Lose the Whole NHL Season?

With the NHL announcing the cancellation of the preseason, it's time for fans to have a long talk about the possibility of a season-long lockout.

NHL Players Are Cattle: Detroit Red Wings Fined as Jimmy Devellano Speaks the Truth

Should NHL Players Dump Their Union?

Many assume that eventually NHL players will get a similar deal to that of the NFL and NBA. But blowing up their union may provide a more lucrative model to follow.

Report: Roman Josi the First Nashville Predator Heading to Europe During NHL Lockout

According to the Swiss team's website, defenseman Roman Josi could be the first Nashville Predator to head overseas to find ice time during the NHL Lockout, as he returns to his old Swiss League team, SC Bern.

NHL Lockout 2012 Explained With Taiwanese Animation, Featuring Former Predator Ryan Suter

Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are notoriously complex affairs, so how better to explain what's going on than with another installation of those surreal, but all-too-accurate Taiwanese animations?

Welcome to NHL Lockout 2012

NHL Lockout 2012 is ready to roll, now that the CBA has expired, and the two sides have failed to reach agreement on how to divide up the ever-growing pile of cash that fans and corporate sponsors have brought them in recent years.