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NHL Lockout 2012

Patric Hornqvist Signs With Swiss Club HC Red Ice

After the high cost of insurance and taxes prevented his return to Djurgarden in Sweden, Hornqvist will take his game to Switzerland instead.

High Costs Prevent Patric Hornqvist's Homecoming

Maybe you can't go home again, after all. Nashville's top goal-scorer was all set to play for his old Swedish team Djurgarden during the NHL Lockout, but monetary issues are getting in the way.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Occupy Bridgestone Arena?

After hearing for years about the NHL's growing revenues, fans are growing increasingly angry over what seems to be an unnecessary lockout. What is the best method for fans to get the players and owners back on track, however?

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Bye-Bye, Pekka

Nashville's top goalie and goal-scorer are both heading overseas during NHL Lockout 2012.

Patric Hornqvist Reportedly Heading to Sweden

Following in Roman Josi's footsteps, the next Nashville Predator is heading overseas, as Patric Hornqvist will reportedly return to the team he played for before coming to North America.

NHL Lockout 2012: 5 Nashville Predators Pre-season Games Cancelled

Now that we're several days into NHL Lockout 2012, games are starting to get cancelled, including five for the Nashville Predators, and the first two dates at Bridgestone Arena.

Shop NHL Shuts Down Affiliate Marketing Program Immediately, Citing Lockout

In what may be a sign that they don't expect a lockout resolution coming soon, the NHL has shut down the affiliate marketing program tied to their online merchandising operation.

NHL CBA Talks: Do Rising Jet Fuel Prices Really Justify Player Salary Cuts?

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman cited rising fuel prices as one area in which the owners don't have the flexibility to reduce costs like they're trying to do with player salaries. Is this really a significant issue?