NHL News: CCM's New Resistance Helmet Hopes to Curb "Rotational Impact," Risk of Head Injuries

Developed in conjunction with the University of Ottawa, which is known for its groundbreaking research and development in safety technologies, the helmet features a gel-infused liner that reduces impact to the brain when there is contact to the side of a player's head.

A new piece of safety equipment -- the CCM Resistance Helmet -- seeks to reduce rotational forces on the brain in the highly physical game of hockey.

Designed and developed at the University of Ottawa, who helps CCM better understand all their helmet technology, and who assisted with research and development of the Reebok 11K helmet, the Resistance Helmet features a new-age liner with what they call "PODS technology," made up of gel-infused pouches that cradle the head. Here's an overview of how helmet testing in a lab setting works:

Researchers estimate that, based on a lab reconstruction, the Resistance Helmet would have reduced the rotational impact of Matt Cooke's hit on Marc Savard below by over 20%.

According to Laura Gibson, head of protective gear for CCM Hockey, a number of current NHLers are already wearing the Resistance Helmet.

"Nearly 15 NHL players are currently wearing the helmet, including the LA Kings captain Dustin Brown, Philadelphia Flyers center Vincent Lecavalier, and and Chicago Blackhawks wing Marian Hossa, to name a few," said Gibson in an email to OTF.

The Vanderbilt University Orthopaedics Lab, which provides sports medicine services to the Nashville Predators, Belmont Bruins, Vanderbilt Commodores, Nashville Sounds, and some TSSAA member high schools, recently begun studying the effects of fighting in the NHL on the brain. That research, however, did not factor in CCM's development of the Resistance Helmet. "We would love to learn more, though," said Gibson.

The Resistance Helmet retails for $269.99 (or, if you want to play without a mask, $229.99).

When asked if she had ever been to SMASHville for a game, CCM's Gibson replied, "Yes, I have, and I would love to go to a game soon, if invited!"

Here's one more look at the helmet: