NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee Suggest Coaches Challenge, Undecided on Overtime

Get those challenge flags ready.

On Thursday afternoon, the NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee announced some changes may be coming to the game next season.

At the forefront of the statement, was adopting a "Coach's Challenge" to be used to dispute goals that may be a result of either goaltender interference or offside.

Expanded Video Review: Coach's Challenge - The Committee recommends that a Coach's Challenge be adopted for expanded video review for goals that may have resulted from (1) goaltender interference and (2) offside plays. The video review process and all decisions on goals where goaltender interference may have occurred will be the responsibility of the Referees at ice level, in consultation with the NHL's Situation Room in Toronto; similarly, goals that may have resulted from an offside play will be reviewed and determined by the on-ice officials, in consultation with the NHL's Situation Room in Toronto. In order for a coach to make a challenge, the team must have its timeout available.

This is a good development. There have been plenty of instances this year (and before) where goals have been allowed or disallowed, sometimes by awful, awful calls. Like, really bad. Sometimes refs can't help make a call they thought they saw in real time of a game that moves at breakneck speeds. Other times, it seems so obvious...

Either way, now there would be the option to get a second look at plays like that to avoid it being decided by a wrong call.

A minor change was made to face-offs, as well. For face-offs in the defensive zone, the player on the defensive team must put his stick down first. Center ice face-offs will continue in the traditional manner, where the visiting team must put his stick down first.

However, they were unable to reach a consensus on the biggest issue: changes to the overtime format. Discussions are said to continue in the coming weeks, and maybe we'll finally get a decision on the proposed 3-on-3 overtime format.

Shootouts will not be changing. Grumble/cheer amongst yourselves.

It's also worth noting David Poile is one of the representatives for the NHL. These recommendations still would need to be approved by the NHLPA's Executive Board and the NHL Board of Governors before the official rules can be written.