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NHL Playoffs Stats Recap: August 20, 2020

Author’s Note: This story will be updated as games conclude.

Welcome to the Playoff Stats Recap.  Each morning, I’ll have the previous night’s games broken down with game charts, similar to the ones I’ve produced for every Nashville game the last two seasons.  This is a one-stop shop for a graphical breakdown of the games, featuring stats from Natural Stat Trick.

I won’t be providing detailed analysis until maybe later in the playoffs, but we have places for just that kind of work.  Check out the respective SBNation sites linked below for amazing coverage of all of these games.

To look at all recaps from today and throughout the playoffs, you can visit the Tableau page where they are all hosted.  You can download all charts as images there if necessary.

Note: For larger versions of each chart, you can right-click and select “Open image in new tab”.

Game 5: New York Islanders 4, Washington Capitals 0

New York leads the series 4-1.  Find full interactive charts here.

New York: Lighthouse Hockey
Washington: Japers’ Rink

Game 6: Dallas Stars 7, Calgary Flames 3

Dallas wins the series 4-2. Find full interactive charts here.

Dallas: Defending Big D
Calgary: Matchsticks and Gasoline

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